Pregnancy signs - how to understand, what she stepped

In the first weeks of pregnancy to determine its attack is almost impossible. Even a test that responds to the level of the hormone HCG in the urine, will catch its increase only after two to three weeks. Before signs of pregnancy occur quite rarely. But it all depends on the woman's body. There are those who just a few days after fertilization of the egg begin to feel drowsiness, or, conversely, increased excitability. This is due to hormonal changes. In some cases, after two to three weeks begins to grow and a sore chest, there is a strong opposition to strong smells and some foods. These are all signs of toxemia. Not the fact that they will grow. Many feel the discomfort of literally two or three weeks, then the body is getting better.

Absence of menstruation is the first symptom of pregnancy. But its presence is not always about the fact that conception has not occurred. Some of the highlight continue until the fifth-sixth month. This is the reason for going to the doctor.

Another sign of pregnancy - the change in body temperature. But it can be fixed only in the dynamics. To measure the basal temperature needed in the morning, before getting out of bed. Every day since the cessation of menses, before and after the alleged conception. The thermometer is inserted into the vagina or anus. It is better to use email, it will show the result in just sixty seconds. After the alleged conception basal temperature increases by about half a degree. That is, if normal for women - 36,6, the day after the pregnancy she will be 37,1 - 37,3. And will be retained for a minimum of eighteen to thirty days. This method is fairly accurate, many use it to determine the onset of conception.

Not always a pregnancy is accompanied by morning sickness. very often women do not have the slightest manifestation of hormonal changes in addition to the absence of menstruation.

Pregnancy or a hormonal imbalance - how to understand

All of the above signs of pregnancy, perhaps, but a test of the hormone can indicate hormonal failure. That is, to trust them a hundred percent is impossible. If there is any doubt that the conception took place in five to six weeks after the date of delay of monthly need to come on consultation to the gynecologist. The doctor will make inspection, will determine the size of the uterus may give direction to the U.S. and will be asked to donate blood. Only after such comprehensive action can be confidence hundred percent say that pregnancy has actually occurred.