Watch the temperature of your body. In the early stages of pregnancy it is, as a rule, increases. But there are exceptions, so be certain you should pay attention to basal temperature (in the rectum), which in pregnant women increased always! In order to obtain reliable results, measure basal temperature in the morning, before getting out of bed (before the measurement takes at least 6 hours to be in a horizontal position). The thermometer introduced into the rectum approximately 5 cm depth and not removed within 10 minutes. After conception basal temperature does not drop below 37 degrees.
Pay attention to your physical sensations. For example, the perception of food. You may receive an aversion to any particular product. Morning sickness is often one of the first signs of pregnancy (nausea, vomiting). But few people know that morning sickness is fatigue, and frequent headaches.
Don't ignore the vaginal discharge. After the occurrence of conception, their number increases dramatically. They usually do not cause itching and odor. Sometimes that goes a little mucus and bloody nature, which a woman is menstruating. This discharge can be brownish and yellowish.
"Listen" to the sensations in the uterus area, as periodic tingling in the uterus are an excellent indicator of conception. This usually lasts for the first two weeks after pregnancy.
Pay attention to the condition of your Breasts. Once conception happens, there are painful sensations in the breast (so they prepare for feeding). A few weeks after conception there has been a swelling of the Breasts and darkening of the areola (areola).
Hand over the analysis on HCG - the hormone that appears in a woman's body in early pregnancy. Although you can just buy a regular pregnancy test - it gives the result based on the content of HCG in the urine.