Mood swings

You – calm, the woman suddenly began to notice a sharp change in his mood? And people began to complain about your nervousness... why would? It's simple. 9 out of 10 women during pregnancy suffer from sudden mood swings. Most likely, this feature is faster than anyone will notice your spouse or young people. He still had so many whims have to make...


You feel tired already after 2 hours after Breakfast? You can hardly get through the day at work, come home, fall into bed and fall asleep? I want to sleep all the time? So sleep. While it is possible. It is likely that soon the dream you only dream of.


The smell of your own perfume has become annoy you? You reluctantly go to the fridge and opening it, can determine the shelf life of the sausage smell? Use of this ability. After 9 months she will disappear.


Sandwich with salmon in the morning, suddenly began to cause a storm of protest from your stomach? Food in General has become a "not so"? Just waking up, you instantly fly to the bathroom, "Hello, white friend"? Don't worry, it's only for 2-4 months. Second trimester morning sickness usually ends.

The delay period

The guests from Krasnodar" have not visited you? You are so wound up that he forgot, when are they coming? Tighten your memory. Because the delay period is one of the most obvious signs of pregnancy. So be on the lookout. Do not be lazy on the way home to run to the drugstore for a pregnancy test. Most likely, it will come in handy.

Changing taste preferences

Supply of pickles in your house began to decrease at breakneck speed? But sometimes does want to chew a piece of raw meat or just cleaned of potatoes? Rejoice, eat what you want. Now your every whim will be to others by law. Only, please, without fanaticism. Don't make the waiter in the cafe to find you a piece of chalk.

Pregnancy test

If the previous indications can cause doubt whether you are pregnant, then this option provides a guarantee for 99%. Pregnancy test it is better to do a few days after delay, and not half an hour after intercourse. Better to do a couple of tests with a difference in 2-3 days. Don't worry, when you see 2 stripes. Pregnancy is wonderful! It is better to think about how to tell her husband about the pregnancy.

Agree on a joint campaign to the gynecologist and for an ultrasound. Let the new Pope get used to the idea that soon you will be three.