Lack of magnesium is the cause of many diseases

Diseases associated with insufficient amounts of magnesium, are very common. This hernia and myopia, and varicose veins, and curvature of the spine. Lack of micronutrient with frequent dislocations, and in more serious cases, problems with the blood vessels of the heart.

These health problems are a consequence of the weakness of the connective tissue. The defect occurs when the body loses magnesium. Trace element – the main "food" connective tissue, helping them stay supple and be placed correctly.

Men and women have different needs in magnesium. The first day needs to consume about 400 mg of the age of 30 and 420 mg afterwards. Women under 30 need 310 mg and 320 mg after. To make up for the lack of this element by using dietary Supplements or by changing diet.

Products with magnesium

A simple food, one encounters almost daily, and contain some percentage of magnesium. Very rich in trace elements of the different seeds. The pumpkin is 534 mg per 100 g of product, sunflower 420 mg, sesame - 351 mg.

Many nuts are also rich in magnesium. In this category of products most magnesium contains almonds: 304 mg. Followed by the pine nuts (234 mg), peanuts (185) and walnuts (169).

To fill the body's need for magnesium will help the greens: depending on the species it may contain up to 170 mg. is Rich in magnesium and a variety of cereals, commonly used in the human diet. In oatmeal the contents of the element reaches 142 mg, and the figure of 130 mg per 100 g. magnesium is present in legumes: beans (130 mg) and peas (107 mg). To get rid of magnesium deficiency with the help of delicious dried fruits. Include in the daily menu apricots (130 mg) or dates (57 mg).

Undefeated leader in the content of trace elements are wheat bran. In this product the most of magnesium per 100 g has 590 mg. that's why many nutritionists recommend eating bran in the diet and physical activity, because the trace mineral helps connective tissues stay strong and elastic.

How to organize proper absorption of magnesium?

Yourself magnesium is absorbed pretty bad. Required "assistant" acts as vitamin B6. This element in large quantities is in egg yolks, meat, fish, dairy products.

Often symptoms of magnesium deficiency are observed in fans of alcoholic beverages. The secret is simple: alcohol seriously impairs the absorption of the element by the organism. To avoid this, hard liquor is desirable to eliminate from the diet.