Products with calcium

Despite the common stereotype that calcium is found only in foods of animal origin, a high amount of it can be found in plant foods. So, a lot of calcium is in seeds, beans and nuts, as well as in the poppy grains, sesame, and almonds. Fully replenish calcium in the body only due to these products not work, but they significantly increase the flow of element into the body and perfectly complement the diet.

With the use of products with a high content of calcium must be supplemented by food that will help him to assimilate in the body.

Rich in calcium also vegetable greens – for example, a large amount of it is contained in a young nettle, watercress salad and wild rose. And, of course, the most famous foods with calcium – milk and dairy products, which are the main natural source of this element for humans. Most calcium is in the whey, so if the cheese produced from pure milk, the percentage of calcium it will be a little less than in milk. However, in-store cheese the calcium is still more than a market product because it is added calcium chloride.

Magnesium in foods

The highest amount of magnesium is found in inexpensive foods, millet and buckwheat, beans, powdered milk, tahini halva, hazelnut, watermelon, spinach and peas. Magnesium contains in pork, veal, rabbit, ham, Amateur sausage, tea sausage and sausages. In the vegetable products of magnesium is found in potatoes, cabbage, beets, tomatoes, onions and green onions. A small percentage of magnesium is in avocados, plums and apples.

The daily requirement of this element will help ensure that products such as rye and wheat bread, black currants, cheese, corn, carrots, salad and chocolate.

Double daily dose of magnesium contain rice bran. A lot of it in the coriander, Basil, sage – herbs that provide the body with magnesium, combined with minerals and trace elements. Also magnesium can be obtained from dark chocolate, spinach, chard, beet greens and dandelion. Cereal products also contain this element, especially a lot of it in brown rice, barley, wheat, whole oats and the Swan, as well as in lentils, soy and dairy products do not contain GMOs.