You will need
  • – complete preoperative examination of the body;
  • – consultation of the anesthesiologist;
  • – preparing for the anesthesia
Preliminary preparation for surgery and procedure anesthesia is the full survey of the condition of the body. It is a set of laboratory tests and instrumental investigations. Concomitant diseases must, if not cured, then transfer to the compensation stage.
Before consultation with the anaesthetist, prepare the conversation with him. Remember, if you had an operation under anaesthetic before and how it moved; whether there is any allergies; any medications you regularly take. This information is necessary for the anesthesiologist to choose and the dosages that are selected purely individual.
The day before surgery to women with a manicure, remove the nail Polish. The individuals need to remove makeup and not to use cosmetics, perfume agents.
Before surgery last time is not late in the evening, preferably solid rather than a liquid food. At night you need to cleanse the bowel, taking a laxative or having an enema. Effective laxative anal candles "Bisacodyl".
On the day of surgery you cannot eat or drink anything, you have to suffer. But, if you really really thirsty, not less than four hours before departure in the operating unit, you can have a drink of water. A quarter Cup at the most.
Before surgery typically, the patient takes off all of her clothes, he is given a sterile Shoe covers and gown. First you need to remove watches, necklaces and other jewelry. Mobile phone off and give to loved ones. If you wear dentures, do not forget to remove them.
Children to prepare for the surgery, of course, more difficult psychologically. It is not necessary to tell about the anesthesia to the baby. And a teenager should be to explain why fear is not necessary.
The most difficult constraints in drink and food. They practically are the same as for adults. Babies can be breast-feed for four hours before surgery, iskusstvennogo – six hours. Water can be given to all children for four hours before anesthesia.
The small intestine of the patient should also be cleaned out, especially if you have surgery on it. In three days the child should not be given meats and foods that contain a lot of fiber.
With the consent of the surgeon it is desirable that mommy was there with the baby until he falls asleep from the anesthesia. If after the surgery he was transported not in intensive care and the ward, should be on duty around him, especially the first day after surgery.