Almost every patient before the surgery wondered how it goes for him the anesthesia, and whether complications. Unfortunately, the consensus about the harmful anesthesia or safe, not even anesthesiologists. In any case, if necessary, from him can not escape. So what is the risk of General anesthesia for a human, really?

What is "General anesthesia"

To begin to understand what constitutes General anesthesia. This artificial suspension of certain centers of the human nervous system. Its main task is to dull the pain, disabling pain that is centers. During surgery the patient is asleep, in a way, loses consciousness, his muscles relax.

There are several types of anesthesia:
- intravenous,
- inhalation (using a mask);
- combined.
The anesthesiologist calculates the exact dose for each specific case.

General anesthesia: implications, risks and side effects

So, anesthesia is a very serious matter. That is why before any operation and also before birth, a patient is taken a conversation in which the doctor makes conclusions about the state of health and warns of possible consequences and side effects.

Yes, it is safe to say that General anesthesia strongly affects the nervous system, especially children and the elderly. The main negative manifestations that often arise are nausea, vomiting, headache, pain in muscles and joints, dizziness. Almost every patient is experiencing these symptoms after anesthesia ceased to operate. True, some people don't give headaches and nausea special meaning, quietly enduring some discomfort.

Most dangerously, it is an allergic reaction to the injected drug. During the conversation, the main task of the anesthesiologist is to find out whether a person has any allergies. Of course, not excluded that the patient may simply not know this information. So doctors are always ready to provide emergency assistance. Also, do not exclude the occurrence of problems with the nervous system such as loss of sensation, memory, sleep disturbance, hearing, speech.

General anesthesia for humans, of course, harmful, but without it can not do. So you should just accept and not think about the bad. By the way, patients who were positively disposed to the operation, had less problems with narcosis than those that panic was afraid of him.