Preparing for laparoscopic cyst removal

Before carrying out laparoscopic surgery of an ovarian cyst, you must pass tests that are prescribed by your doctor. These include studies of blood – clinical and biochemical analysis on blood group, RH factor, clotting, infections, hepatitis b and C, HIV, syphilis, also need to do a urinalysis, smear of vaginal microflora. The patient is required to undergo an ultrasound of the pelvic organs, ECG and chest x-rays. Prior to surgery prescribed laxatives and enemas. The enema the night before surgery and the morning before her. The food and water should be discontinued 10 hours before the procedure. You want the day of the operation the stomach was empty. The water intake of food can greatly reduce a patient's safety during laparoscopy. On the day of surgery should consult with the anesthesiologist regarding the anesthesia. It is important to remember that at the time of laparoscopy pubic area should be shaved.

How is laparoscopy ovarian cyst

Laparoscopic ovarian cyst removal is done under General anesthesia, the patient feels nothing. The surgeon makes small incisions-punctures, then the abdominal cavity is fed carbon dioxide to straighten and a better view of internal organs. In one of the cuts introduced a camera with multiple lenses zoom, in the other two tools. During the surgery, the doctor removes the cyst without damaging healthy tissues and organs. After this gas release and suturing the incisions. In some cases, if during the operation there are any complications, your doctor may move from laparoscopy to laparotomy, that is, to open surgery. Laparoscopy together with the introduction of the anesthesia can last up to three hours, its average duration is one hour.

The postoperative period

A few hours after the operation the patient is allowed to get up and walk. Full recovery usually occurs within 3-4 days. During a laparoscopy, the risk of postoperative wound infection, the formation of adhesions and suture line disruption is much lower than after conventional surgery. However, the patient's pain medications are assigned as present pain. On the 7-9 day sutures are removed, in the future, these spots can be treated with disinfectant, ointment "Levomekol". For the rapid resorption of scars utilize ointment "Contractubex". Normal after laparoscopy ovarian cyst period must begin on time. If after the postoperative period there was suddenly pain, any discharge, delay of menstruation, it is necessary to consult a doctor.