You will need
  • - Bicycle;
  • - jump rope.
Calories is just energy that is released when processing of the food supplied to the body. Before you begin to burn calories you must understand what is required in the norm for the normal functioning of the body. If the movers and builders need at least 4000 kcal, office workers 1500-1800 kcal. It all depends on the age, sex, physical activity, type of activity. If food goes into the body is much more than required energy, the excess of the substance is deposited in the form of fat.
To fat did not spoil a figure, it should destroy them. Methods of burning calories are many. The most effective are various physical activity, but do not abuse them. You need to gradually increase the number of approaches and time spent on training.
For people who have never engaged in fitness, and any physical activity, doctors recommend to start with walking, dancing, Cycling, perfectly burn calories. For example, during slow walking for an hour, you can spend about 175 calories, while fast 440. Fresh air will not only help burn fat but also improve mood, speed up the metabolism.
250 - 450 calories per hour you burn while riding a bike. The most effective will be riding at the same speed. The itinerary must be planned so that the environment was nature, not the urban jungle: parks, gardens perfect for this. A great way to keep in shape and burning calories are dancing. Rumba, belly dancing, strip of plastic, will help to get the woman attractive silhouette and burn for an hour on average 300 calories.
If there is a need to strengthen physical activity, but can't attend training, then the best option is to purchase a simple rope. Just 15 minutes of training with this subject burns 200 calories. This is a very effective way to reduce weight and to tighten the muscles of the body.
For each person there is their optimum and best way of burning calories. Most importantly, it brought pleasure, improved mood. If training in the gym only bring tension, it is better to replace them dancing or Hiking with friends and animals in the fresh air. Then the effect will be noticeable faster.