1. Determining your daily calorie intake.

Use the formula for calculation of daily norm of calories consumed. Everyone is the norm of its own, and depends on age, sex, height, weight, and physical activity.

2. Correctly distribute the meals.

Eat smaller portions but more often. It is optimal to eat every 2-4 hours 200-400 calories at a time. In General, the day should be 5 meals.

3. Increase the activity.

Increasing physical activity, you burn calories faster. It is optimal to do for 30-60 minutes 4-6 times a week. If this is not possible, try to move more throughout the day: instead of taking the Elevator use the stairs, Park the car away from home or work, often go for a walk.

4. Train muscles.

The greater your muscle mass, the faster you will burn calories. It is very closely related.

5. A good night's sleep.

Need to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Lack of sleep negatively affects health and leads to feelings of hunger.

6. Eat protein foods and the right carbohydrates.

For the processing of protein foods the body spends more calories. Fast carbs contribute to weight gain. The right carbohydrates are complex carbohydrates that give your body the necessary energy and not deposited in fats. Complex carbohydrates include: cereals, legumes, fruits, vegetables.

7. Drink water.

On the day you need to drink 8-10 glasses of water if you have a large physical activity, it is possible to drink more. Water promotes fat burning and removes from the body toxins.

Following these simple rules, you can accelerate your metabolism and gradually lose weight, while not resorting to drastic measures.