Everything said words carry a certain energy flow, it affects the person to whom the statement is addressed. A harsh word can ruin the mood of the person, to make him unhappy, deprive of confidence in their own abilities. Good and kind words have a positive effect not only on humans but also on plants and water.
Turns out, there are words that bring good luck. Every day repeating the phrase: "I'm happy!", "I'm successful!", "I'm rich!", "I love!", "I'm healthy!", presenting at this moment your future success, man builds for himself a certain program. Thus, when programming their actions only to achieve the desired result. Such words must be spoken confidently, at the present time. Performing exercises constantly, soon wishes are implemented in reality.
To were lucky always recommended to clear your mind from negativity. In every detail and things around in everyday life to look for positive aspects, only in this case, luck will be next. In life there are unforeseen circumstances that are associated with solving complex problems. Saying the words "Everything will be fine", "All is well" with confidence, people are making efforts to achieve this goal.
It turns out, it is very easy to bring happiness to loved ones. Quite often only speak about how their love, cherish and appreciate what they are. Saying the words sincerely, the person receives from the native people positive emotions, allowing you to be confident. But a confident person is always successful.
Given the statistics that the optimists are much more successful than pessimists. People tuned in to a positive, always happy talking to people, speaks only the words that make people feel good. Therefore, the reaction of people set to positive. As a result, such people luck and success. The person who constantly complains about the hardships of life and lack of money attracts your own words only the bad. In this case, what he complains about, arrives in his life even more.
If in the morning to get out of bed and say aloud: "this day will bring me only good things", "What I have in mind necessarily turns". Man excludes from the consciousness of negative thoughts and in the beginning of the day adjusted on positive emotions. This method of pronunciation of words gives real results.