You will need
  • sheets of paper, pencils, a symbol of good luck
Be an optimist. Luck is a capricious lady and she smiles, not all, but only the optimists. Because they believe in it. Luck does not like pessimistic people. Only a positive attitude will attract luck into your life.
Make a plan for your success. Write what you want to achieve in life, what heights you want to achieve.
Visualize your desires. Draw on a sheet of paper what you wish to achieve. Hang the picture in a prominent place, to always remember your goal.
Close your eyes and imagine that all your things are as you would like. Imagine everything in detail, don't break stuff. For example, you have long been waiting for a promotion, but this is not happening. Close your eyes and try to see how the boss calls you into his office. You go to him. He smiles, shakes your hand and announces the appointment of. You smile at him, say words of gratitude. Don't allow dark thoughts and dark colors. Everything should be joyful and colorful. Do not allow the slightest doubt that all this can happen real.
Buy item that will embody you good luck and remind you of your goal. Every time you look at this symbol, teach yourself that you it will bring good luck and success.
On a sheet of paper, draw the ladder upwards. On the top is what you need. Each day imagine that you are on this ladder and get to the very top.
Do not hesitate to ask for help of others, family, friends. It often happens that you are not able to cope with the situation independently. But you didn't ask anybody, because I think that you will be denied it. But maybe that's simply your neighbor will help solve your problem. And he's surprisingly quick to agree to help you.
Gain self-confidence. Believe that you deserve the best, deserve that luck has knocked on your abode. You need to love yourself. Do not to focus on their shortcomings. Try to see only good. Every day tell yourself that you deserve to have your dreams come true.