You will need
  • The stone for the zodiac sign, Holy water.
Need to consult your horoscope and zodiac sign and find out which stone is most suitable to his representatives. For example, amethyst, amber, emerald or ruby. Then buy a small pebble, and holding it in his hand, to whisper words associated with luck. It is important to consider one condition: you must believe in the effectiveness of your amulet, if it to take, then good luck will always follow you. Especially when you need the help of an amulet, it is possible to pet him and talk to him, to ask that the rescued in certain situations. This ritual must spend away from prying eyes, in complete silence and solitude.
Amulet of luck is sometimes my favorite thing close to your heart. Let's say you had next to her the whole period of life, or gave it to a loved one. Or, for example, in a difficult situation when something in your pocket you held the keychain with the toy, and with the help of it you managed to open a locked door or something. In the end, you are empowered with this thing, giving it greater significance. You are sure that if you beside this subject, it is nothing bad just can't happen. Inanimate objects have energy and if you think a certain thing is important, gives you confidence and saves from negative circumstances, therefore, the way it is.
Amulet for luck can be a bizarre shape, found by chance on the beach or on the street. The main thing is it forced you to pay attention and think. On the other hand, to pick up unfamiliar things in the street is fraught with consequences. The unfamiliar object can be charged negative and to carry its owner into trouble. Then you should insure and to attend Church, and then put the object in Holy water and read the master's prayer". Now you can carry the amulet with you.