There are periods of time when things are not going well, everything goes wrong, work troubles, and even physical malaise, chronic fatigue, financial difficulties, and the despair and hopelessness leave. The question arises: how to get rid of trouble and to bring the house good luck?
You should start with cleaning. The most common General cleaning. Start with shelves in a bathroom or clothes closets. Throw away all accumulated rubbish. It's hard to believe, but even in the house that are cleaned daily and also daily take out the garbage from time to time accumulate "banks, flasks, broken tanks." Something should be put in the trash, some things to clean and fix, and quite unnecessary things in good condition to give to charity. This applies to absolutely everything: dishes, books, clothes, household items. What you do not use, away from home.
At the same time to sweep and clean all hard to reach corners, dusting. Wash all of the Windows. Clean Windows - the key to good energy at home, though, because in good lighting and in a good mood.
Have a habit of changing bed linen once a week - and you will sleep. Many feel a surge of happiness from the smell of fresh bed. In General, wash as often as possible, do not accumulate stale linen, any dirt absorbs positive energy and therefore good luck passing by.
Take out the garbage every morning, but out of necessity and in the afternoon, but before sunset, as there is a risk to take with the trash and positive energy, and hence good fortune, from home.
Ventilate. Always ventilate. Let the vents will always be open. But the Cabinet doors and the toilet, on the contrary, should be closed, as the positive energy escapes through these "Windows".
Very useful at least once a week to MOP the floor with your hands, adding water three pinches of ordinary table salt. Throwing salt into the bath water, each pinch a whisper: "From the evil eye, from evil words, of evil thoughts". In the same way prepare water and wipe the door, making a circular motion clockwise, as well as all mirrors in the house. The same solution and wipe the window glass. Mirrors and glass after the solution dries, you wipe with a dry cloth until transparent.
Also at least once a week light house candles. It can be as a Church wax candle, decorative, and even handmade candles, or white candles, which can be purchased at any hardware store.
Buy a house and hang the bells. The sound of the bells clears energy and attracts luck.