To attract good luck in the house should get rid of the long-redundant, obsolete and not used things. Do not hesitate to discard old clothes, shoes and cosmetics, they block the good luck for people for whom these things belong. Old furniture, appliances, household products (old sponges and brushes), dried flowers from a loved one – all these things hinder attract good luck in buildingE.
If the rooms in buildinge are dark, add some light, change dark curtains for lighter, or hanging tulle color of Golden sand. This color will not only run good luck in the house, but also bring wealth.
When old things are done, should begin to furniture and other household items that will bring luck in the house. You should not place furniture that has sharp corners. In the kitchen and in the living room will fit a table with rounded corners, it will bring good fortune and will unite whole family.
The bed in the bedroom between the window and the door is a bad sign, it is best to put the bed near the wall.
It is worth remembering that every thing must have its place. The TV should be standing in the living room and not in the kitchen or in the bedroom. Such a seemingly innocuous subject in the wrong place is a bad influence on relationships between family members.
Look closely at the mirrors in the house. If the mirror is opposite the door, it is better to outweigh, in this position, it repels a member of the house of luck.
A good purchase that will bring luck in the houseis in an aquarium. Putting in a living aquarium with goldfish, you fill the house not only luck, but also material abundance.
Also to attract good luck into the house by using charms and various incantations. In the hallway above or in front of the door to hang a special amulet or the well-known horseshoe of happiness will attract good fortune in the house for many years. Will cope with failure and success will bring the pouch with herbs (such an amulet can be made yourself or purchased at the green store).
There are different incantations for luck. Typically such slander is made to the items in the housee, food and clothing. Hex can be special and can be made independently, most importantly, these words are to be believed. It is faith – the key to success in all things.