First, you need to change your own consciousness. Think and speak positively, you transform your inner world. And then change happens and external. This is due to the fact that becoming a positive person, you will start from the outside to attract the necessary events will be attractive for good luck and success.
Positive thinking is more and more mastered by the population of our planet. But, of course, there are still many people who either can't change yourself inside and start moving towards the positive, or believe all this nonsense and fiction. If you realize that you are ready to change themselves, but the consciousness does not want to change for the better, and every failure knocks you further back, nullifying all the efforts done, do not try to just everything in my life to change, and move in small steps.
Use affirmations, i.e. positive affirmations. Psychologists have for several decades used them in their work. Positive affirmations should be fully fit with what you want to attract into your life. To lure fortune phrases: "Luck is always with me", "fortune favors all my endeavours", "Every day is successful", "Success comes to all my Affairs", etc. Use affirmations every day, the number of repetitions of adjust themselves, but it should not be less than 3.
All incoming information must also be positive. The first time you, most likely, the habit will turn on the news, listening to the whispers of colleagues at work. But try to gradually weed out all negativity from your life. Thus one day, you will notice that people previously poured on you all your problems, just stopped doing it, as you are now for them uninteresting. But do not be afraid that you are left alone with yourself. Pretty quickly vacancies in your environment is the people filled with positive energy and ready to give it to you. Then you will feel that luck and success are always with you.