Beach No. 3 in Silverpine forest

This is the most popular beach in Moscow. There is always a lot of people, despite the fact that its length is about 1 kilometer. Beach No. 3 are equipped with changing cabins, toilets, canopies and umbrellas.
It is located near the street of Taman on the 4th line of the Silver forest.

The Black Lake

This reservoir is located in the suburbs, but rather in 6 micro district of Zelenograd. The lake is located on the site of the former peat quarry and therefore the water is dark in color because saturated with decomposition products of the peat. This place is ideal for those who decided to sunbathe and swim. There are no cafes, so food and drinks will have to carry with you.

Beach "Left-Bank"

Here you can also relax to those who want to sunbathe or enjoy a dip in the cool water on a hot summer day. The beach has changing rooms, volleyball court, wading pool for children but the toilet is paid, and the equipment needed for a beach holiday, absence, air mattresses, umbrellas, chairs have to take from home. Another disadvantage of this place is the proximity to Moscow ring road and high-voltage lines of electric transmissions.
Beach "left-Bank" is located in 5-7 the possession of Coastal travel.

The recreation area "Meshchera"

The territory of this beach is filled with everything needed for a relaxing stay. Here there are benches, showers, a dedicated area for children, area for fishermen, there is even a small Parking. Also on the beach there are kiosks with drinks and pastries, pharmacy and security. The only drawback of this place is the ability to swim only in a small area.
The address of this recreation area - street resurrection 5.

"Serebryany Bor-2"

Beach "the Silver pine forest-2" is the most appropriate place for swimming, because the body of water here is the cleanest in Moscow. Its territory, though small, but quite comfortable. There is a Playground and paddling pool. Available to adults there is a cafe, a VIP-zone with Solarium, restaurant with outdoor veranda. You can also rent sun loungers, umbrellas and a ride on a catamaran.

Beach rooftop pool "Olympic"

In the summer on the roof of the Olympic pool, there is still one place in order to sunbathe and swim. Instead of sand here is artificial turf, but there are sun loungers, umbrellas and a shower. Soon there will also be a children's Playground. The pool and the beach access fee.