City beaches of Moscow in summer months turn into the most popular place of recreation for thousands of citizens. Muscovites, taking with him only the Essentials in a hurry with the rising of the sun to the water bodies to dip into their pure coolness.

However, not everyone knows where in Moscow you can relax on the sandy beach. And yet, among the concrete jungle of the modern metropolis has many green areas and clean lakes in which swimming is permitted.


Beach-club – a great place not only to soak up the gentle summer sun, but being "off" on a club party. Is Beach-club in the waters of the Khimki reservoir, the public beach can accommodate about 1500 tourists. There is a vip area for beach holidays, which up to 500 people.

Beach "Left-Bank"

Beach "left-Bank" is also in the waters of the Khimki reservoir, near the metro station "River station". The beach is quite suitable for lovers of active rest, because there is a great Playground for volleyball. On the "left Bank" you can relax with children - for the little brats enjoy their own Playground and safe swimming area.

Large garden pond

Large garden pond is among the largest of the ponds in the Russian capital and is situated in a protected natural area. Here you can swim and sunbathe, equipped for leisure convenient access to water. Also it provides comfortable lounge chairs and cabanas. The pond is a fifteen minute walk from the metro station "Petrovsko-Razumovsky".

Beach on Meshchersky lake

Meshchera lake – another place in Moscow, where you can spend your time alone or a large company. The beach here is herbal, swimming is officially allowed. This is the best place for picnic with barbecue and barbecue, as it is located in a cozy and well-kept forest area.

Beach on Meshchersky lake equipped with a sports court, cabanas, comfortable sun beds, toilets. To reach: by train from Kiev station to station "Vostryakovo". The journey time is no more than an hour.

Beach "the Silver pine forest 2"

Beach Serebryany Bor 2 is perhaps one of the most popular places for Muscovites, which is located in the eponymous Park. In addition to traditional entertainment, there is a pretty big Park water rides for adults and children. To get to the beach Serebryany Bor on foot from metro station "Strogino".