Open kiwi purse, you can quickly and simply. This is a very convenient payment system, in which you can easily transfer money webmoney-wallet.

The creation of a Kivi-purse

To create a wallet-kiwi, you will need the minimum amount of time. It's very simple. You need to go to the home page of the website In the upper right corner click on "Register" and the registration itself. You must enter your real mobile phone number and then the captcha.

Then tick the box that will indicate that you agree to the terms of the Offer, that is, with the rules using this payment system. Then register and see below.

For those who are used to somewhat different types of payment systems phone number in kiwi will be a number of purse. That is, in order to transfer money to the purse, will need to provide your number. So you need to enter it very carefully, avoiding mistakes.

Before the password came on the phone message. Now it needs to come up with their own.

Enter the password once and then a second. If you have entered everything correctly, appears the inscription "the Passwords match". Below you will see the words "password expiration". Initially it is programmed for 1 month, this means that after the initial password will need to change. Optional password expiration, you can do more. The system proposes this term exclusively for your security.

Only comes as a confirmation code via SMS on your mobile, enter it into "Enter one-time code".
If suddenly the code does not come, then click "Send the code again". After that, click "Confirm".

How to use QIWI wallet

That's all. Qiwi-wallet is ready! Very fast and easy. Now you will see a login page. The relevant paragraphs of type in the phone number and your password.

Then go to your my account and click on QIWI VisaCard (QVC). You have automatically created a virtual card that can be used for all payments of goods online, where there is visa logo.

You will receive an SMS with the code. If the card you don't need, just hit "Delete".

To Fund QIWI wallet is very simple. To withdraw from an ATM, is to order a plastic card. This is useful because the score and the map will lie the same amount. And when you are ready to withdraw money at an ATM, the Commission is only 2%.