You will need
  • - Computer
  • - Internet
  • Program ICQ
Before you delete your account from ICQ, think about less radical measures. For example, if you no longer wish to communicate with any of those already added to your contact list, then add it to the ignore list. It is very simple. Hover over the name of the unwanted companion of the cursor, press the right mouse button and from the appeared tab click "Ignore". From now on you will not see any messages from this user until you withdraw it from the ignore-list. This will allow you to see if it picks up text.
If you made the final decision at the expense of "exit" from ICQ, then began to carefully look through your list of contacts. Think of someone you didn't want to interrupt their communication. In order not to lose any of my acquaintances, friends and business partners, send them a message explaining that you stop using ICQ and specify other means of communication with you, you can then proceed with the deletion of your account.
Generally, to remove an account in ICQ is impossible. But here still there are two ways to solve this problem.

The first option. Go from your computer to the ICQ program and change all the information about yourself. Then change the password to one that you will not be able to remember. Next, exit the program and delete it from your computer. Thus, you can no longer log in to ICQ under this account and it is possible that after some time the admin will remove it as inactive.
A variant of the second. Also change all information about yourself, but not any and taken from the so-called black lists, i.e., a black list of spammers (this can be found on the Internet). Then log out of ICQ, and then uninstall it from your computer. AOL, as a rule, such uiny removes.