There are many types of removal of unwanted vegetation. It is worth noting the two most effective methods: waxing and sugaring. Very good wax removes the hairs, pulling them together with the root, which gives quite a long-lasting result. Sugaring is very similar in technology, however, the result is less long. Plus shugaring that it is virtually painless and the procedure can be repeated more often. Choosing one of these ways that you like, remove the hair. But that's not all. In order to consolidate the effect of smoothness and prolong it as long as possible, you need to use a proven folk remedies.

Grape juice or wine vinegar

Buy on the market the most common home grapes for making wine or compote. If you will not find this, then just pick up green grapes all sour varieties. Thoroughly wash the berries, and it is better to soak them in cold water. Place berries in a blender or food processor and grind into a puree. Then, using a gauze or a sieve, press the juice in a glass bowl. An hour or two after hair removal, moisten with grape juice cotton pad and thoroughly wipe the treated areas of skin (legs). This procedure is do within three days after depilation, twice a day. Grape juice has a high acidity, which destroys hair follicles, and therefore the hairs cease to grow. The same principle, and wine vinegar. Also, soak a cotton pad in vinegar and wipe them feet.

Tincture walnuts

You will need 20 immature nuts. With these nuts you need to remove the green shell, chop it finely and pour 200 ml of vodka or medical alcohol. There, cut into slices one lemon. Insist in a dark cool place for 10 days. Tincture to moisten a cotton pad and also, twice a day, for three days after hair removal, wipe the skin. Nuts are a great break down the follicles, prevent re-growth, alcohol tightens pores and the lemon adds Shine and smoothness to your skin.

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