Time and place is important. If the young man made an appointment, then it is possible not to care, but if you are Dating and then together figure out what to do, you can just in case have a few ideas in my head. Suitable neutral options that will allow you to socialize and have fun – a walk in the Park or the Boulevard, sitting in a cafe or coffee shop for a Cup of your favorite flavored drink, going to the movies. Think about it just in case, but keep in mind that usually the place guy.

How to look – this girls usually know all about it. But there are pitfalls, for example, if too carefully prepared, it may be evident and look ridiculous. Hair, obviously done at the hairdresser, bright makeup and uncomfortable shoes doesn't make you a Princess, but the whole evening will prevent you or others feel comfortable and free. The same applies to perfume – be careful with the spirits, do not overdo it. A great option is to wear something fairly conventional and "proven", but at the same time, what would you look excellent.

How to behave? This is one of the most important issues for girls. Try to be natural, confident, but not to suppress the interlocutor. Relax and just enjoy communication with interesting person, don't try to be someone else.

What to talk about on a first date? Try not to only talk about yourself. Listen to your companion's, ask about his life. Don't interrupt him, but if he was joking – lassmates on his words. Not chuckles into the palm, but not sactivities hysterical laughter. The usual polite conversation is what it takes to start, and then you'll find issues of interest to both of you, and thinking about the topics of conversation are no longer needed.

Don't look at him with adoration and admiration. Look readily available is not what is afford on the first date. Of course, you don't need to build from a cold and unapproachable person, but still try to behave modestly enough. Even if you do want from him is sex, and not going to wait, nevertheless, let him give the impression that it was not in your plans, but you just could not resist under the influence of his charm.

No matter how the date ended, whatever relations it may have resulted, in any case, you can learn from Dating an important life experience.