Please contact the salon for laser hair removal. In the beauty salon can permanently remove hair from unwanted places on the body – shoulders, chest, groin, abdomen, back. You will need 6-8 sessions for half an hour each. Repeat the procedure need as growth of new hair (usually 1-2 times per year), until they disappear altogether.
By using electrolysis it is possible to get rid of body hair. Doing this procedure in beauty salons. A small amount of hair so you can remove over multiple sessions. But if uninstallation is required with a larger area of the body, have to do weekly treatments for a long time, up to one year.
Removal of unwanted hair from the body maybe hot wax or wax strips. Guide hair removal soy wax that sticks to the hairs and not to the body, unlike that based on honey or bee wax. Pain during the procedure almost never will. If you do the waxing in a beauty salon, a high probability of properly performed manipulations with stripes. Method suitable for removing hair from any part of the body except the groin, as there is soreness due to skin sensitivity is much higher.
To eliminate the hairs can be old-fashioned way with a sharp razor. The procedure is speedy, effective but have several disadvantages: quickly grow new hair, it is possible a local irritation of the skin redness in the groin area to treat the body needs very carefully to avoid cuts.
Use depilatory cream for hair removal from the body. The cream is applied, when you take a shower on the problematic place a thin layer and kept for 5-10 minutes. Then the scraper the cream is removed from the skin along with the hairs. The result of this procedure is good, new hair does not grow long. But before you apply the cream, check whether it causes allergic reactions on the skin. To do this, apply a small amount onto the inside of your arm, wait five minutes. If you do not have any redness, burning, pain, blisters, the cream can be safely used.