Advice 1: The most painless form of hair removal

Any woman want to enjoy permanently smooth skin. But what to do if the skin is too sensitive to pain from the use of traditional methods of hair removal? Exit long already - painless hair removal.
Photoepilation is one of the painless methods
Today the skin without a single hairs – this is a very nice, comfortable and hygienic. Therefore, the salons offering services for hair removal so popular. But many women are afraid to undergo the procedure of hair removal because of her pain. In this case you can use to do painless hair removal – masters can offer a wide choice of methods which will not cause unbearable pain.

Today, the beauty industry is not standing still: doctors and beauticians have come up with new and more effective methods for skin care. Beauty salons offer many types of hair removal that do not cause pain, then we will talk about two of the most popular ones.

Laser hair removal

Hair removal by laser is recognized as by many women the most effective and painless feel. However, like many cosmetic procedures, it has contraindications:
Laser hair removal is contraindicated for pregnant women to carry out, as well as diabetes and infectious diseases.

- laser hair removal is not recommended natural blondes because the laser responds to pigment and simply do not notice light hair;

women with dark or tanned skin are also not recommended laser hair removal - dark skin focuses the laser energy on themselves, which can lead to burns, which will remain a pigment stain;

- if the skin are cuts, abrasions, herpes, laser hair removal is contraindicated.

Before the procedure is carried out to test the sensitivity, then the place of hair removal apply a cooling and soothing gel, and then beautician gets to work.

Most likely, the complete disappearance of the hairs will have to repeat the procedure from four to twelve times. It should be borne in mind that the laser only removes hair sprouted.


Epilation removes hair by destroying melanin throughout its length. Unlike laser, when photo-epilation on hair acts directed light flow. Its difference lies in the fact that it is possible to vary the wavelength, the frequency of flashes and the power light, which helps if hair follicles are at various depths.
Contraindications for hair removal the same as laser hair removal, with the exception of the item of blonde women this form of hair removal is right for them.
The rehabilitation of the skin after hair removal lasts about a week. At this time, it is desirable to eliminate the use of makeup, do not visit saunas and baths.

However, there is a significant disadvantage of this method is that in the summer this kind of hair removal should not be done, because after that it is impossible to sunbathe for a whole month.

The result is visible already after the first meeting - under the influence of light, the hair falls out and the skin becomes smooth. In order to achieve the best effect photoepilation should be repeated three to five times.

Advice 2 : How to get rid of excess hair on the face

Hair, of course, decorate the woman, but not when growing on the face. In this case, women are faced with a serious problem. How to remove excessive vegetation? There are several methods available, among which are both temporary and dramatically.
How to get rid of excess hair on the face
The procedure, which you can get rid of unpleasant hairs on the face for a long time or even forever, is a hair – removal along with the onion. Through this approach, the hair grow slower, become thinner and in some methods of hair removal over time, disappear altogether.
Hair removal can be performed by using wax. This is easy to do at home. The wax is first heated and melted, then applied to problem areas and dramatically removed from the skin. There are also special strips coated with wax. They also need to apply to hairy surface and a wrench to remove. But this procedure is very painful and can cause irritation on the face.
To remove hair from the root by electrolysis or thermolysis. In the process of this manipulation, it is also quite painful, the hair follicle is exposed to an electric current. But in the first case, the destruction occurs under the influence formed in cells of a chemical and the second as a result of strong heating. Both procedures should be performed only by a qualified technician, following them possible complications: scarring, getting under the skin of the infection.
The most painless and safe method of epilation – laser. But is this procedure expensive, and to achieve the desired result, you usually need to spend several sessions. The laser affects the hair follicle, destroying it after several treatments, the hair stops growing forever.
Another good method of getting rid of hair – epilation. It is similar to laser, but the effect on the bulbs are not beam and high-velocity round energy lamp. The device captures more than in the case of laser surface - as a result of the removal occurs faster.
In addition to hair removal known another way of getting rid of unwanted vegetation is wax. But it is temporary. Following similar treatments, the hair grows back very quickly – literally within 2 days. Depilation can be done using a variety of chemical pastes, as shaving for women's face is not very suitable.
Excessive hairiness. Excess facial hair in women. Thick lush hair to every female has always been a source of pride and served as a decoration. How to get rid of excess hair? Removal of unwanted hair on the face or body. Today, there are several ways to remove unwanted hair. Talk about the most common.

Advice 3 : What to do to facial hair not grow

Unwanted facial hair in women (for men it is quite natural), usually appear as a result of the influence of hormonal factors such as menopause, puberty, hirsutism, heredity, etc. of Course, if too thick facial hair you want to seek the assistance of a specialist who will prescribe you the appropriate treatment, but along with that you can try simple and more cosmetic products and procedures.
What to do to facial hair not grow
You will need
  • tweezers;
  • wax for hair removal;
  • special staining means;
  • electrolysis;
  • laser.
Plucking hair with tweezers. This is the easiest, but a painful way to get rid of facial hair. In addition, it is recommended to use it only to combat the hair on the upper lip or on the chin. Also note that plucking can cause even stronger growth of facial hair.
The use of wax. This method of removing facial hair (and not only) is the most common. For those women who have medium and low degree of undesirable vegetation. Buy in a specialty store wax designed specifically for hair removal on the face and apply it according to the instructions on the package. If you do not want to perform this procedure yourself, contact a beauty salon.
Discoloration. With little vegetation on the face, and you can not remove it completely, and to use special staining or conventional hair dye white color (pick up it it is necessary in accordance with the type and color of your skin). But it is not recommended to use this procedure if you suffer from various allergic manifestations.
Electrolysis or electroepilation. Another effective method that will help you to get rid of unwanted facial hair. The main advantage of this procedure is that it gives a stable result, since at run time the electrolysis is the destruction of the hair follicle under the influence of weak impulses of current. The positive effect is visible already after 5-6 procedures, but they do, of course, necessary only in the cabin.
Laser. Removing facial hair using laser is a fairly new method. This procedure is recommended primarily for those who have light skin and dark hair. But for blondes, use of a laser can be absolutely useless. The essence of the procedure is the following: under the influence of a special apparatus, or rather its rays, the hair follicles disintegrate and, as a consequence, the facial hair stop growing. In addition, the laser is highly directional, so does not irritate the skin around the treated area. But remember that before using this method, you should consult with a dermatologist. This will help you determine if laser hair removal in General.
And, of course, do not forget that too much facial hair can be a symptom of serious diseases. So, still, find time and visit the doctor.

Advice 4 : How to get rid of hair on the face of the girl at home

The hairs on the nose, light down in the region of nasolabial triangle, chin does not decorate the girls, on the contrary, do appearance unkempt, no matter how the makeup was applied. To remove unwanted hairs not only in beauty salon but also at home.
Getting rid of the mustache at home

For the whole complex to get rid of unwanted hair of the face will need the following tools:

  1. salicylic alcohol;
  2. salicylic ointment;
  3. ammonia (ammonia);
  4. valorada peroxide (3-5 %);
  5. moisturizing face cream;
  6. cotton swab;
  7. the cotton pads.

Preparing for the weakening of hairs

This procedure can not be called gentle, so 2-3 days before it should be a special way to take care of the skin. 2 times a day wipe face with a salicylic alcohol and salicylic lubricated with ointment. This should be done very gently, do not RUB the person with alcohol disk and to get wet, trying to touch moles and birthmarks, otherwise they will be brighter. If it is very thoroughly a person drive, in the future the skin will peel off much.

After the procedure wiping face with alcohol complete, it is necessary to take the fingers some ointment, rubbing, warming it in your hands and apply to face, paying special attention to nose, cheeks, forehead. Apply the ointment should be as tidy as the spirit - light stroking, tapping fingers on the face, especially the skin under the eyes. In this area apply the cream or ointment should be in very small quantities.


After 2-3 days, you can carry out the procedure of weakening of hairs. To do this, mix 5 drops of liquid ammonia, 7 drops of hydrogen peroxide, a bit of cream to make the mixture practicewise, thick consistency.

The procedure of loosening the hairs

Before beginning the procedure, check to see whether allergic to the mixture. For this it needs to be applied in small amounts on the skin of the hands if after 2-3 minutes, the redness will not be observed, it is possible to carry out the operation on the face.

It must be remembered that the vapor of ammonia is very volatile, they can easily affect the breathing centers in the brain - breathing it in a certain amount a person can lose consciousness, stop breathing and can even stop the heart. Therefore, you should take care of this before the procedure.

During application of the mixture have to hold your breath or inhale deeply, and then just wave a sheet of paper and exhale. Again hold your breath and apply the mix evenly on the hairs so they drowned in it. Wait time: 4-5 minutes, if there is a redness of the skin, immediately rinse the mixture off your face.

After the procedure, the mixture gently rinse with warm water, soak a dry towel and apply a salicylic ointment is quite greasy layer.

It is noticeable that the hairs much lighter, and some broken off from the region of the root. This operation should be carried out 1 time in 5 days, 3-5 such treatments the hair may disappear completely. But we must remember that each person has their own structure of the hair and to completely remove them you may need different amounts of time, but if even the toughest hair will be to remove therefore, you can be sure that they will never appear.

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