Today the skin without a single hairs – this is a very nice, comfortable and hygienic. Therefore, the salons offering services for hair removal so popular. But many women are afraid to undergo the procedure of hair removal because of her pain. In this case you can use to do painless hair removal – masters can offer a wide choice of methods which will not cause unbearable pain.

Today, the beauty industry is not standing still: doctors and beauticians have come up with new and more effective methods for skin care. Beauty salons offer many types of hair removal that do not cause pain, then we will talk about two of the most popular ones.

Laser hair removal

Hair removal by laser is recognized as by many women the most effective and painless feel. However, like many cosmetic procedures, it has contraindications:
Laser hair removal is contraindicated for pregnant women to carry out, as well as diabetes and infectious diseases.

- laser hair removal is not recommended natural blondes because the laser responds to pigment and simply do not notice light hair;

women with dark or tanned skin are also not recommended laser hair removal - dark skin focuses the laser energy on themselves, which can lead to burns, which will remain a pigment stain;

- if the skin are cuts, abrasions, herpes, laser hair removal is contraindicated.

Before the procedure is carried out to test the sensitivity, then the place of hair removal apply a cooling and soothing gel, and then beautician gets to work.

Most likely, the complete disappearance of the hairs will have to repeat the procedure from four to twelve times. It should be borne in mind that the laser only removes hair sprouted.


Epilation removes hair by destroying melanin throughout its length. Unlike laser, when photo-epilation on hair acts directed light flow. Its difference lies in the fact that it is possible to vary the wavelength, the frequency of flashes and the power light, which helps if hair follicles are at various depths.
Contraindications for hair removal the same as laser hair removal, with the exception of the item of blonde women this form of hair removal is right for them.
The rehabilitation of the skin after hair removal lasts about a week. At this time, it is desirable to eliminate the use of makeup, do not visit saunas and baths.

However, there is a significant disadvantage of this method is that in the summer this kind of hair removal should not be done, because after that it is impossible to sunbathe for a whole month.

The result is visible already after the first meeting - under the influence of light, the hair falls out and the skin becomes smooth. In order to achieve the best effect photoepilation should be repeated three to five times.