First of all, try to analyze the situation and find out the reasons that pushed you to divorce from her husband. If the man was unable to cope with its responsibility even before the baby is born, think about whether you need such unreliable partner in life? After all, a truly loving husband and caring father needs to support his wife and child in even the most difficult situations.
Do not blame yourself in an upcoming or already established divorce, don't beat yourself up for not able to keep her husband and save the family. From the realization of any errors in their behavior easier you still will not be. Think better of that man, who has not coped with the vagaries and chicanery of his pregnant wife or the thought of his imminent fatherhood, care of the family does not dye.
Answer for yourself this question: "is it better to divorce or to live in a marriage with constant fights, scandals, insults and nagging?". Remember that parents are the most respected people in the life of a child whose behavior he puts the example. And we can teach the little one always watching the squabbling moms and dads?
In any case, not to withdraw into themselves and do not seek solitude. On the contrary, most try to be in the company of their closest friends and family. Feel free to talk to them about their experiences. Really close friends always will understand, will support, distract from the gloomy thoughts and make it clear that you will not remain never.
Don't expect to survive a divorce while pregnant will be easy. Thoughts about the future baby will help you calm down and will not limp. Over time, from experiences of pain and resentment will not be over. And being the most close, native and beloved man, your kid will definitely fill your life with happiness, confidence in themselves and their abilities.