If you have a child, you can obtain a divorce through the Registrar's office. For this we turn to the magistrate on your place of residence. If the desire to break up the couple is mutual, there is no dispute about who should stay baby, no problems. If between you and your husband have disagreements, write a petition for divorce in district court.
To procedure the divorce dragged on for a long, long time, talk with your spouse and decide who will remain a child will be divided as marital property, what will be the order of communication with the kid, as will be payments of alimony and in what amount. Will also discuss other issues that concern us. Do not forget to ensure all your agreements in writing with a notary. With these documents come to the court and allow the judge to read them.
Write a statement in two copies. Example you can see in the court. Pay state duty through Sberbank, save your receipt. Take the marriage certificate and birth certificate of the child and go to court. If these documents are lost, contact the Registrar to restore them.
After this time the specialist come to the hearing. If the divorce papers will write not only you, but your spouse is, you will dissolve immediately. If your husband is against divorce, the judge may give a reprieve to several months for a possible reconciliation.
If your spouse wants the child lived with him and served a lawsuit in district court, you will have to contact an experienced lawyer. The fact that the judge will decide with whom to leave the child on the basis of various factors: financial situation, housing conditions spouses, etc.