Valid combination of acid colors

In different situations can help out the classic black color. It blends perfectly with all shades. The acid color is no exception. Therefore, having in the wardrobe of a black suit or raincoat, don't hesitate to wear a bright blouse. While it is possible to combine these things with the accessories poisonous shades. An appropriate manicure also welcome.

There is one simple rule that you need to remember every fashionista. If the clothes have bright hue, taken as a basis, you cannot use more than three colors. And one of them needs to be calm and neutral. Thus, in combination with acidic hints you can use black, white or gentle beige. As for bright accents, one of them acts as primary and the other supplementary.

To create a new innovative style will help shows, world fashion designers, because they know how to combine the incompatible. In their collections you can find not only the most courageous decisions and options.

When one piece of clothing is a large print or a bright and colorful picture, other things have to be solid and calm. Exception can be t-shirt and ballet flats with floral patterns, complemented by plain trousers or shorts. This kit will look very organic.

Acid tones and their importance in the eyes of others

One of the bright colors brought about by fashion, is the acid green. Ladies, who prefer shoes in this color will look stylish. To combine this color with different prints or simple stripes. The image was not corrupted, the appearance of its owner should not be evident.

Acid-pink color sets the flirtation and coquetry. That's the way he looks in the eyes of others, as it gives the Association with lightness and romance. This color goes well with peas. The acid pink hue will fit tall and skinny girls.

Toxic orange shade, undoubtedly, the popular this season. In the eyes of others it will cause Association with the constant forward motion and dynamism. Combine the color you need with a calm and gentle tones. The exception would be only red and yellow.

When and how to wear acid clothes

Poisonous shades will look good at night under neon rays club led. This option is more suitable for adolescents and young people, leading nocturnal.

Acid clothes you can wear during the day. Thus it is necessary to choose a strict and simple styles. These include the cloaks and dresses in the style of 70-ies. These products can have different shades, but look fresh and stylish to emphasize their femininity can be due to the minimal amount of decoration and accessories. Such an original outfit will stand out among others.

If the use of acid and neon shades, it is necessary to abandon the bright makeup. This, at least, will look awkward.

Buying neon clothes, you need to pay attention to whether it is suitable to skin color. This is necessary in order to solid, clean and bright colors did not appearance tired.

Emphasize your individuality with the help of acidic swimwear and sportswear. In this case you can play with shapes and shades.