You will need
  • Red, blue and white paint, paper, paintbrush, palette, water, directory shades
Take some red paint and place it on the palette. Wash the brush, take the same blue paint and add it to red. Mix the paint. You turned a dark purple color. Draw this color on the sheet.
Experiment a little with different compositions. For example, take 2 parts red paint to 1 part blue, or Vice versa. Let's see what happens. Purple color has many shades and they are achieved by different proportions of red and blue colors.
Once you learn how to get the purple color, try to get purple. It is lighter than purple, and this means that the palette can be obtained by adding white paint. Take your favorite purple paint and add some amount of white. But if white add a little bit more?
You can go the other way. First, lighten the blue or red paint by adding white. Get blue and pink, their hue depends on the proportions of red and white, blue and white colors. Mix the paint. Get the lilac color.
More accurate proportions of the colors you can get if you take the catalog colors, for example, NCS. Such directories usually have companies that produce paint. Look for your favorite color and how much paint you need to take to get it.