You will need
  • - wrench;
  • - lubrication.
Decide, which way will pedal the bike. Mount the pedals, which is mounted on the rod on the left side of the bike, made with left-hand thread. For unscrewing, turn the key clockwise. If you want to remove the pedal on the same side as the sprocket, that is to the right, turn the key counterclockwise.
Put the bike on the ground, try to give him the most stable position. Replacement pedals refers to the group of works that should be performed when setting the bike on both wheels. In some cases, you need to make an extra effort to slightly loosen the pedals. Such a position bike gives you the opportunity to use your own weight, and it could seriously facilitate the work.
Start to remove the pedal. If you want to replace the one that is located by the "stars", this should be done in the following way. The connecting rod to rotate so that he was in the position corresponding to the position of the arrow on the dial pointing to the number three. The pedal can have on its axis four-sided place for the key – it is easier to position it, but it could be two faces.
Try to set a key as convenient as possible for performing prokrashivania. Ideal if when you install the key it can be put in parallel with the rod or a little higher. So when prokrashivania counterclockwise you can use and body weight. This work should be done as accurately as possible – the hand with the weakening of the pedal can suddenly come off and then the risk of injury from the chain or rod. When will weaken the attachment of the pedal, then Unscrew it, but be careful – don't lose the puck.
On the left side of the pedal, it is necessary to remove a little differently. Rod set to arrows pointing to nine o'clock. So it is necessary for the possibility of more effective use, if necessary, the weight of his body. Start to turn the key clockwise, and should exert maximum effort in order to loosen the pedal. It can come off very quickly as soon as you weaken the mount. In the presence of the washer make sure it's not lost.
Remove dirt and debris from the threaded connection before you install a new pedal. Apply a thin layer of oil – so will be reduced the probability of corrosion of parts, and in the future the pedal will be easier to remove.