You will need
  • Bike, new back wheel, set of tools
If you decide to replace the rear wheel of the Bicycle, will decide what brakes installed. It depends on the sequence of your actions.
If the brake disk, special operations are not required. But rim brakes will need to first decompress. If you do not, you simply will not be able to remove the rear wheel.
If the Bicycle has a brake V-brake, you need to start with compression pads. This will give the opportunity to remove the arc. It is necessary to compress in the place of fastening of a rope. For this operation, special efforts not required.
Turn the bike upside down, setting it on the handlebars and the saddle. You should remove the GPS, trip computer or other valuable equipment.
Before performing any work necessary to take care of the speed switch knob and brake handle. Put them under the soft fabric. This will protect the devices from damage.
If a hydraulic brake, it is not necessary to hold the bike upside down for a long time. It is possible that to change the wheel you will long. Remember that in hydraulics it can get air. If this happens, you need to pump the brakes.
The cleaning procedure of the hydraulic brakes is quite time-consuming. Of course, you can not bleed the brakes, but then they will not work properly. This should not be allowed.
Rear wheel of the Bicycle mounted on the axis. Mount found different, it depends on the sequence of your actions. If the fastening wrench, it will take a couple of keys. Clamp nut, Unscrew the second with another key.
Fully remove the nut is not necessary. Make several turns with the key. After that, the wheel is removed quite easily.
Speaking about the eccentric, the lifting wheels will be more simple. You need only remove his arm. After that you need to twist counter-clockwise. You can remove the wheel.
Remember, the chain passing through the gear shift of the bike. Carefully remove it from the sprockets, leaving the frame.
Grasp the wheel and pull it up, it will come out without effort. Please note the following. If the Bicycle has disc brakes, if you remove the wheel you need to click on their handle. The fact that such manipulations lead to the compression pads.
Loosen the pads. Only then take care of installing the wheel. Returning the rear wheel in place, follow all the steps in reverse order.