The layout of the site

In order to use all advantages and neutralize disadvantages of the estate, you must make the overall plan: under building give 10%, by paths and decorative planting of 12-14%, the remaining 76 to 78% is allocated for cultivated plants and the garden. When designing, consider the location of the site relative to the cardinal directions.

Trees and shrubs should be grouped in different places, so tall plants do not shade low-growing. Vegetables and strawberries planted on the South side, Apple will have a pleasant stay on the North side of the site, away from home, the middle seat reserved for the berry bushes.

Dense planting

Close the fence can be planted raspberries, gooseberries, currants, and they produce fruit in the shade. Can not be planted next to black and red currant, raspberries and gooseberries. Dwarf Apple and pear trees and creeping culture planted in the condensed scheme. Trees seated at a distance of 2-3 meters from each other. With this planting, the plants should be well fed and watered, then the roots will not be competing for food and water.

In the shade of trees planted herbs:
− the Welsh onion;
− dill;
− parsley;
− cumin;
− mint.

Other crops under the canopy will not grow, and the greenery grows juicy, tender. The cilantro plant near currant bushes, her scent deters spider mites.

Strawberry garden place near the grocer's, to allow updates of the plantations. A good neighbor for them – garlic. Of these shrubs, like chokeberry, honeysuckle, barberry'll have a beautiful hedge, planted these crops on the border of the plot, you will save space.

For productive use of the area under vegetable garden, use a compacted crop of vegetables. Late cabbage can be grown with the radish, early varieties of cauliflower, spinach. Useful seals will be for cucumbers, beets, carrots, celery, parsley. Between the rows of potatoes you can grow beans.

Plant various types of lettuce, Swiss chard, purple Basil near the house – they can have the decorative flower beds that will decorate the manor. Pumpkin and patison will decorate the fence along the tracks as border original will look shallots, sorrel, strawberries Bezus, chervil, parsley curly.

Go to the layout of the site creatively, with imagination, step away from the stereotypes and enough space for everyone – vegetables, fruit trees, shrubs.