Turning to specialty shops or to those sites on the Internet that sell plants, you will be surprised at the diversity that you will be offered. Today, every beginner has the opportunity to buy such varieties and types of fruit trees, which had not even experienced gardeners could only dream of. But if you want to use these plants in landscape design, but also get them the fruit, the choice must be done taking into account climatic characteristics of the terrain and topography of the site. Not all seedlings of trees that you propose will be able to take root and survive in the conditions of Central Russia and especially in its Northern regions.

Decide with the taste preferences of your family and decide what types of fruit trees you want to plant. When selecting varieties, pay attention to such characteristics as hardiness and disease resistance of plants typical for the area where you live. In the middle lane, for example, Apple varieties should be resistant to scab. After that, you may want to consider other selections varieties: taste, yield, fruit size.

For each climate zone, a set of fruit trees to plant at their summer cottage may be different. For the middle band, it is recommended to plant in the garden of pears, apples, plums, in southern regions it will be added to the quince, peach, cherry, plum, apricot, persimmon. Keep in mind that buying seedlings of these heat-loving plants and trying to plant them in the Northern regions, you will likely fail. These varieties, fine fruit in the southern regions, in terms of medium-Russian cold weather can die in the first winter. Not to be disappointed, start your fruit trees with proven zamostochie varieties.

Once you have that you plant, do it properly – it is important to place the trees on the site optimally to get good yields. For good pollination it is better if plant varieties will be different. Try to keep your trees were not crowded, planting them, consider what size they will be in adulthood. For fruit trees it is better to take the Northern, North-Western or North-Eastern part of the area, from the fence they should be located at a distance of not less than 3 m. the Height of their crowns should increase in the direction from South to North. The sun-lit place and take for planting heat-loving varieties and trees need to be planted in the most sheltered from frost and cold winds.