Knowledge of methods of landscaping will help to visually enlarge the space and organize it so that on 6 acres has just about everything needed.

House, trees and bushes

Usually portions are of rectangular or square shape. First of all, identify the part of the world. You need to look at where the North and South. This knowledge will help later, but for now will choose a place for the house.

If you have a low-lying area, then build it on an elevated place. If you, on the contrary, it is high, then erect the main building in the area protected from the wind. To do this, on the North side, put a picket fence or solid. It will weaken wind flow. This is necessary not only the house, but trees. As these are the highest plants, then place them on the North side, so they are not shaded by other planting.

Back away from the fence 3 meter , and every 4 meters planted Apple trees. On a plot of six acres is enough to put 3-4 Apple, cherry, 2 pear, plum. If the fence on the North side of the solid, then place the trees in one or 2 rows. If the fence does not protect from the wind, then put the pears on the South side of the house, stepping back from him 3 meters.

Currant bushes, gooseberry place along the East fence or in front of the Apple trees on the South side. The distance from them should be 3 - 4 meters. The raspberries planted along the West fence, stepping back from the edge of 1.5-2 meters.

That site seemed more visually, take a diagonal path from the entrance. On both sides of the plant border perennials. Then the track will be decorative and beautify the area.

There is a place the bathroom, the garden, recreation area

Bath or shower, toilet on six acres is also required. If you have Autonomous sewer, a shower and a toilet you can put on the ground floor of the house. In the absence of this, build a data hygiene facilities closer to the fence. This may be North West or North East corner of the site. Back away from the fence at least two meters.

Let the South side of the bushes is a garden area. Break a few beds where they will grow vegetables and herbs. Install a greenhouse on the southern part of the territory.

Don't forget the Seating area. It can be close to home. Complete your flower bed, plant her flowers. Put garden furniture consisting of tables, chairs, benches, swings. Outdoor furniture can be folding. Not far from this place, to build a platform for a shish kebab.

Erect over the table and benches high frame made of iron fittings and plant near grapes. He will grow up to entwine of support, and will be a perfect living gazebo in the recreation area.