You will need
  • Paper, drawing supplies, General architectural plan of building
Make a list of the buildings and spaces you wish to place on your site. This can be a: house, garage, sauna, utility room, fruit garden, vegetable garden, pond, children's Playground, hardscape and more.
Create a detailed plan of the site. The plan should include parcel boundaries and adjoining roads, and all underground utilities (gas lines, sewer, water, etc.). Mark the sides of the horizon, the prevailing winds and the slope of the terrain. If possible, find the level of groundwater and soil acidity. If neighbouring sites are already handled, good to celebrate the culture of the neighbor adjacent to your site.
Click on the seat area under the house and outbuildings (10% overall). Their location must be coordinated with the office of the chief architect of the district. Remember, a house should fit into the overall composition of the site. Patios, pergolas, verandas shall be to the house of the overall architectural ensemble.
Mark on the plan track. Consider the construction of the road and the gate, bypassing the main entrance. This is useful for fodder, fuel, pasturing and other agricultural activities.
The garden and berry bushes on the plot select a single green area (60% area). Well if gardens of the adjacent sections are interlocked. On average, on a plot of 6 acres, it is recommended to plant 5-6 Apple trees, 2 pear trees, 6 trees of cherries and plums and 6 Smarty bushes, 20 raspberry bushes and a 250 strawberries.

For a vegetable garden, choose the most lighted place (17% of the area). The ridge position in the direction from North to South. Keep in mind proper crop rotation.
Under the front gardens, lawn and ornamental shrubs will allow the area near the house (13%). Do not post in this area of tall trees that will shade much of the house.
Highlight on the plan the places for recreation, in accordance with the interests of family members. Playgrounds and lawns are spaced on the straight parts. The natural terrain and boggy parts can be used to create a pond. If the family has children, take the sun for the Playground.