You will need
  • Vegetable seeds
  • Boxes of seedlings
  • Cottage
There are types of vegetables that are sown directly into the ground (but in cold weather it is better to do it under the film or in a greenhouse), and there are those that are grown seedlings, and then planted in the open ground. This is done in order to get a crop sooner than if the vegetables were grown directly from their seeds.
Consider planting vegetables. These include cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, pumpkins, zucchini, melons, watermelons, cucumbers.
First you need to determine when to plant the seedlings. On the seed packet with the reverse side usually always indicates the time of the sowing of the seed. After you define the date you need to prepare the container for planting and soil. It is possible to plant seeds in the purchase ground, and you can take it from your garden.
Seedlings can be grown in peat pots, paper cups, seedling box, you need to choose the most convenient and the best option for you. After germination seedlings can be put on the street, just need to remember that in the wind and the sun whom the land dries quickly. Therefore, watering should be timely.
After the average temperature set just warm enough, the seedlings can be planted in the open ground. For this you need to prepare a hole the size of a somewhat larger size of the pot or Cup, and then it dipped seedlings with a lump of earth. Then kom compress the earth thrown out of the pits. Around the stem should make a hole to the water when watering is not dripping.
Seedlings of cabbage, turnip and kohlrabi are planted, deepening it. The tomatoes planted until the first of the lower leaves. Then after planting the seedlings need to be watered, and then cover the hole with humus.
Then care vegetables is frequent watering, weeding vegetables from weeds, and, if necessary, in the fertilizer of the earth. Remains to fall only to collect a large harvest!