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Guinea pigs the size of a well well-fed kitten. Their body length can reach up to 35 cm, Weight of pigs males is 1.5 kg, and females up to 1.2 kg. the Body of these rodents large and more rounded than those of wild relatives. Tail no of Guinea pigs. Muzzle them dumb, ears often hanging. The color can range from dirty gray to Golden-red. The length of the hair differs greatly in different species.

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In nature Guinea pigs are wonderful. They are good-natured, friendly and trusting. It is advisable to keep them in pairs, because pigs can't stand alone. You just can't drop those animals from the height, this can lead to unpleasant consequences. The sounds of a pig similar to the usual grunting of pigs. But some moments these animals can purr, purr or even a tweet. Guinea pigs eat grain, hay and vegetables. They are often needed to treat with vitamin C, because it is not produced in the organism of these rodents.

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There are many different breeds of Guinea pigs, which differ in the length of the coat and its structure. Caring for different breeds of pigs will also vary. Some types were bred only by artificial means. Such species will not survive in the natural world, because their body is not adapted to different temperatures, they cannot produce their own food and to build a warm home.

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Short-haired Guinea pigs

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The most common type of Guinea pig is short-haired or smooth-haired Guinea pig. Breed is Teddy, Self, Rex and American satin. Their coat is short and smooth, without frizz. They come with colored spots or stripes on the body. Their color is very diverse, there are possible combinations of two or three colors. The trunk is short-haired Guinea pigs are small, ears erect and wide, little wool. This breed is quickly and easily reproduces in a natural way.

Long haired Guinea pigs

Breed long-haired Guinea pigs also enjoy great popularity. This breed Sheltie, Pixel, Merino, coronet, Peruvian and Alpaca. The representatives of these breeds fur is long, and the length of rodents, sometimes up to 20 cm. rocks the coronet, Sheltie and Peruvian hair straight and soft, and the rest of the types it is more wavy or curly.

Care for long-haired breeds should be careful. Animals often need to be brushed to avoid tangles. Long hair Guinea pigs you can cut, giving the desired shape "hair". Coat of representatives of these breeds may be so long that closes the whole face of the pigs, and the rear hangs down like a train. In nature, this breed is not found, it is artificially bred species.

Color long-haired breeds often plain, but sometimes pigs with a splash. The most common color is red or brown. Among these species as well there are Guinea pigs–albinos.

Female Guinea pigs

Female pigs have a short rough coat, but it is not smooth, and seemed disheveled. Whole body female Guinea pigs are small rosettes made of wool. Such pigs include Abyssinian breed and Rosetti. The wool of these animals with a length of about 4 cm, which grows from the center of the rosette. Throughout the body normally should be around 10-12 outlets. Female Guinea pigs look disheveled, but in fact their body looks like a square due to the symmetry of the rosettes. Color – varied. There is a white pig, brown, chocolate and red. Colors are most often combined. Caring for these breeds of Guinea pigs minimum. Once a week you need to brush the coat to remove loose hair.

Bald Guinea pigs

Rare breeds of Guinea pigs is considered to be Skinny and Baldwin. These breeds differ from others in that it does not have hairline. If you breed Skinny there's little hairs on the tip of the nose, the breed Baldwin they are completely absent. These two breeds were bred in the laboratory, and in nature they not only meet, but did not survive. For the bald pigs need special care. Their thin and velvety skin constantly needs hydration. Summer these pigs need to treat sunscreen, and in winter, wear something warm. The color in the hairless Guinea pigs also varied, but most popular natural color is pink.