Sea teach the pig to respond to his name. Step away from the cage for a short distance, so that the pig could well be heard as the voice to enhance the animal in any case impossible.
Морская свинка: как она выглядит
Put about yourself the treat. Let the sea pig. Repeat the pet's name all the time, until the pig is going to get to the food. These actions should be repeated every day for 2-3 times.
как узнать породу морской свинкм
After a few weeks you will notice that your pet responds to his name. At your discretion you can use the name, and cotton, for example - and then the pig will be able to respond to cotton.
как определить пол морской свинки
Sea teach a pig to dance. Pick up a favorite treat of the animal, raise your hand with the treat over the head of a Guinea pig so that the animal had to get up on its hind legs.
как поить морскую свинку
Repeat the word "waltz", when the pet will follow the treat. First, it will circle around itself, and in the future will be able to stand on its hind legs and spinning on them.
видео про морских свинок когда их моеют
Some time later, the Guinea pig will be able to demonstrate such actions without the Goodies, even if you just raise your hand and will say a familiar word. Remember - after every trick the animal, be sure to praise him and give him a favorite treat.