Take a young Guinea pig in my hands and flip to the back. Young Guinea pigs sex differences are less noticeable because the organs are not yet fully formed.
морские свинки с разноцветными глазами
Examine the distance between the anus and the urethra of the animal. In males it is more noticeable. But this method does not give an absolute guarantee, because here you have floor -to rely only on your eye.
как узнать пол морской свинки
Define sea floor already grown pigs a more radical way. Take a Guinea pig to the back hand and turn it belly up. Press down your finger on the lower abdomen - first gently, then stronger. While the females become noticeable cunt, expanding the belly and tapering towards the anus. And males in this way it is possible to find the penis, which becomes visible with time.
почему у морской свинки скривились когти
Swipe to the next stage in determining the sex of sea pigs. Flip the animal belly up. Near the anus there is another small hole. Gently hold the foreskin to the abdomen. Remove the mucous membrane of the genital organs, pulling up a fold of skin towards the base. With these steps, you will be able to see either a penis, which is a small bump above the anus, or you'll get females the greater part of the mucous membrane.
как чистить ушки и подстригаит коготки у морскои свинки
Look at the appearance of the sea pigs. In adults, the differences are obvious: the males much larger than females, they have high withers and strong bones. The presence of nipples gender of Guinea pigs to distinguish, as they are as females and males.
как разлечиь морскую свинку мальчика и девочку видео