How to trim the nails of a Guinea pig, because they are of such small size, and to keep the rodent in order to carry out such a procedure very difficult? First and foremost, in order to cut the nails easier, better to buy at the pet store special forceps. To perform this procedure with scissors is very uncomfortable, because the claws in Guinea pigs is quite thick and durable.
Pruning marigolds in your pet, be very careful not to damage the blood vessels at the base of the nail of the animal.
So, in order to trim Guinea pig nails, take it in one hand so that the foot you are going to handle, was between your index and middle finger, and the body of the sea pig clasp your palm and other fingers. Then take a look nail sea pig on the light, and you will see a little red tube – it is precisely the same blood vessel, and cut nails have before it starts. If you still damaged the vessel, apply a cotton swab with chlorhexidine in order to stop the bleeding.
In General, it is much easier to cut the nails Guinea pig together, so one person held the pig in an upright position, pressing her back to his place, and the second clipped nails.
After the treatment of nails sea pigs make sure to put it in a cage with clean litter, and the next day again change it to a variety of pollution do not fall on trimmed nails and did not cause disease in your pet.