Advice 1: How to cut nails in the Guinea pig

Sea pigs are very cute and sociable animals. They can be a wonderful gift for virtually any man who loves animals. Watch these curious kids is very interesting, and to ensure that the pig does not yearned and was active and cheerful, it is better to contain just a couple of individuals (if you do not wish to obtain offspring, buy same-sex Guinea pigs) or to give your pet alone enough attention.An important aspect of Guinea pigs is regular cutting of nails.
How to cut nails in the Guinea pig
How to trim the nails of a Guinea pig, because they are of such small size, and to keep the rodent in order to carry out such a procedure very difficult? First and foremost, in order to cut the nails easier, better to buy at the pet store special forceps. To perform this procedure with scissors is very uncomfortable, because the claws in Guinea pigs is quite thick and durable.
Pruning marigolds in your pet, be very careful not to damage the blood vessels at the base of the nail of the animal.
So, in order to trim Guinea pig nails, take it in one hand so that the foot you are going to handle, was between your index and middle finger, and the body of the sea pig clasp your palm and other fingers. Then take a look nail sea pig on the light, and you will see a little red tube – it is precisely the same blood vessel, and cut nails have before it starts. If you still damaged the vessel, apply a cotton swab with chlorhexidine in order to stop the bleeding.
In General, it is much easier to cut the nails Guinea pig together, so one person held the pig in an upright position, pressing her back to his place, and the second clipped nails.
After the treatment of nails sea pigs make sure to put it in a cage with clean litter, and the next day again change it to a variety of pollution do not fall on trimmed nails and did not cause disease in your pet.
If you do not follow the nails pigs, they can get sick. First, nails can grow and make the movement of your pet is very difficult, not to mention the fact that they can simply grow into the tiny toes. Second, the nails of Guinea pigs accumulates a lot of bacteria, which can also lead to various diseases. If you do not prune marigolds these animals, then, because of the lack of the ability to grind your own, they can wrap it up and bend the fingers of the animal.
Useful advice
You should not cut nails at the Guinea pigs too often. One or two times a month would be sufficient in order to maintain the normal limbs of the animal.

Advice 2: How to cut your nails in pigs

Sea pigs – are fairly undemanding Pets, but certain rules of care still exist. For example, these animals should be regularly trimmed claws. Grow, the claws begin to curl. This can lead to distortion of the fingers, injury to the paws, furthermore, with long claws animal just uncomfortable to walk. Carry out procedure as needed, averaging about once a month.
How to cut your nails in pigs
You will need
  • nail file, nail clipper. Manicure or regular scissors cannot be used, since they contribute to the bundle claw of an animal.
In Guinea pigs, four fingers on its front feet and three on the back. If you cut the claws on the hind legs should be left slightly longer than the front. In addition, remember to cut the claws of the Guinea pig should be at a certain angle so that the paw could safely rely on the surface.
Getting to the nail clipping, take the pig to the hands and expand back to itself, thus supporting the foot. Trim the nails definitely need good lighting. Convenient to carry out the procedure for the lamp to have the opportunity to consider the claws to the light - it helps to see the blood vessels, which in any case can not hurt when you cut. To shorten the claws can only be made within a transparent site, because if you will touch the vessel to start bleeding. A few drops of blood will quickly clot, but unpleasant sensations in pigs still remain. The wound will heal quite a long time that will cause a lot of inconvenience for your pet. Especially attentively it is necessary to trim the claws of pigs with a dark color, as the vessels in their claws practically invisible. If possible, use a nail file to trim the claws of the dark pigs. If the nails are not too long, use only with a nail file, but if that wasn't enough, then cut the claws costerton, carefully, millimeter by millimeter removing the regrown claw.
Cut Guinea pig claws in a timely manner, don't let them grow too long, the longer the claw, the longer it becomes and blood vessel. Thus, if you miss the time of shearing, then you have to leave the claws longer than you would like.
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