If a married man with you sincere and honest, he admits that proprietary. And before you begin relationship. But there are good reasons why a married man is encrypted under the blank. First, not every woman would like to tie the affair with a "married guy". Indeed, in this case it will play the role of eternal second for him. Second, with unmarried partners, women can fantasize about a possible marriage, so they are easier to go to them for sexual contact.
There are many nuances, which you may feel that you have limited access in some areas of life this man. You may also feel that the relationship is missing something important. The very feeling of inferiority relationship should you push on the idea that a man can be married.
To identify a married man or not, often at the initial stage of Dating. If a married man usually looks more manicured and "home", the bachelor look more sloppy. He could use a good men's fragrance, but is unlikely to be carefully ironed pants and shirt. Also, it can 2-3 days to forget to shave. Although this rule there are exceptions: for example, men-soldiers, dandies, dandy, etc.
To see whether the stamp of marriage in the passport of the man - not the best option to find out married or not. First, in the initial phase of Dating is hardly appropriate. Secondly, the man may be in a civil marriage. The lack of engagement of the end also nothing says. Many married men do not wear, and some just shoot at the right time. However, in the latter case, the finger can remain a characteristic indentation.
A married man will not invite you home. Most likely, he will propose to meet, or you, or on neutral territory. Single guy happy to host you. Even if he's cleaned up there, you can easily distinguish the atmosphere of a "den" bachelor from the apartment of a married man where women felt concern about comfort.
If a married man still invites you to her home, his behavior is somewhat strange. He will look around, there are no nearby neighbors to be nervous of strange noises outside his apartment. If in its apartment there are women's things, it's a sure sign that he lives not one.
Married man not likely to spend time with you on weekends and holidays, to stay with you all night. When they met he will not give you the home phone number and will not get you a with a call. In addition, it will not ring late in the evening or at night, and his phone at this time can be disabled. Or he will answer you a brief and restrained.
You should be alerted if your man is avoiding you to talk on the phone. You can also under some pretext to see what name you recorded in the mobile phone of her lover. If your man is married, it is possible that your phone number is recorded as "A. Petrov", "accounting", etc.
If a man does not show you people are not invited in cafes, restaurants, parties, avoids introduces you to his friends or parents, it is likely that he does so for the purposes of the conspiracy, afraid of publicity. He also prefers not to be photographed with their mistresses. After all, sharing photos is already in evidence.
Give him sexy underwear and see if he wear it. It can be exotic lingerie from the sex shop, g-string or something like that. Any wife interested in where this thing, so a married man will surely get rid of lingerie or leave him behind you.
But it's best just to ask him if he's married, and to see the reaction. Please note, will it behave as something unnatural, will not change his voice, do not appear in this kind of tension. Talk about marriage - if he was married, what he thinks about marriage. Many men don't like these questions, so it is better to ask casually, in passing, between other topics that you discuss in conversation.