You first need to pass the examination of the condition of the intestine. In most medical centers this is done using colonoscopy, which allows to conduct a detailed examination of the intestine. Based on the results of this procedure, the doctor will prescribed medication and necessary procedures.

No treatment will help if you do not organize a proper diet. Intestinal pain is a symptom of the big problems of the whole organism. Due to the digestion and absorption of nutrients by the intestinal wall occur in the normal functioning of the whole organism.

For the proper functioning of the body requires not only process food but and in a timely manner to empty the bowel, to prevent a reverse suction of processed food ingredients, which is its poisoning. The easiest way to establish this process is to regulate water metabolism. The optimum requirement is 40 ml per 1 kg of body weight. A man weighing 70 kg should take 2.8 liters of fluid per day in the form of soups, tea, juice, juice, pure water, etc.

It is equally important to keep the fluid in the lumens of intestine. The most efficient to achieve this intake of bran and fiber. Recommended daily to use at least 600-800 grams of fruit and vegetables, and thoroughly chewing them, as recommended by the proverb: "the more you chew, the longer you live".

Maintaining the tone of the walls of the abdominal walls is an important factor for the normal functioning of the intestine. If in the sitting position, belly is on his knees, it is very difficult to provide good work of the colon. It is therefore necessary to restore tonus of the abdominal wall through exercise type, trunk bending, lifting and lowering the legs in the supine position, retraction of the abdomen, and many other useful exercises.

A great help in the normalization of the bowel and the pain has herbal. Decoctions and infusions of such herbs as plantain, calamus, wormwood, aloe, St. John's wort, yarrow, dandelion, oats, and other plants will help improve digestion and normalize the microflora, accelerate the healing process and restore circulation.

Arranging a proper diet, work and rest, using herbal medicine, leading an active lifestyle, not too difficult to significantly improve your gut that will extend years of active life and greatly enhance its quality.