Thrush can occur in women, men, and even children. The woman should pay attention on your feelings, when this disease they are extremely unpleasant. Itching, discomfort and burning in the vaginal area often are amplified to night, and when urinating and during sexual intercourse.
Women should pay attention to the selection. Normally, they should be transparent and have no smell. With a yeast infection the consistency of the discharge will be thick and cheesy. Pay attention to smell, it is unpleasant, slightly sour. To identify this symptom of candidiasis is possible during the inspection of underwear or sanitary pads daily. You can also use a napkin if linen it is not noticeable.
A woman should explore their sex organs. Swelling and increase in size – a typical manifestation of thrush. During the inspection it is also possible to detect redness, it will cover all the vagina, perineum and labia.
Symptoms of thrush can occur in men, they this disease are also subject. The discomfort is impossible to miss, it will cause severe itching and burning, worse during intercourse or when urinating.
In males, there can be no discharge candidiasis they appear. During this disease discharge looks like white deposits of cheesy consistency on the glans and near the urethra. The odor is characteristic of yeast infection that is acidic.
Inspect the penis. Candidiasis his head becomes red and enlarged, swollen. Redness and swelling are consequences of inflammation, is characteristic of candidiasis. As well as itching react to many attempts to scratch the affected area, men often find scrapes and scratches in the foreskin or on the glans penis.
Symptoms of thrush in children are localized in the oral cavity, as infection is not sexually transmitted, while passing through the birth canal of the mother. When viewed in the mouth of a child can discover white patches, redness and even cracks or sores on the mucous membranes. Ulcers can bleed and cause pain or cause discomfort, which the child will be restless.