The main causes of thrush

1. Hypothermia and stress

2. Lack of personal hygiene, uncleanliness during intercourse, infrequent change disposable pads

3. Taking certain medicines that affect the sexual sphere (hormonal contraceptives, etc.)

4. Eating large quantities of food containing yeast (baking, etc.)

5. Endocrine disorders

6. Open underwear (g-string)


The symptoms of yeast infection

Chronic candidiasis may be asymptomatic. For primary infection is characterized by the feeling of wetness of the vagina, white heavy discharge with a strong fishy odor, gray-white patches on the skin large and small labia.

The higher rises the infection, the more internal organs suffer: affects the bladder and urethra, there is a burning sensation during urination and intercourse.

Men often are not even aware that they are carriers of the infection. Symptoms of candidiasis in men: pale skin of the penis, grey-white patches, discharge with urination, resembling the consistency of egg white.


How to get rid of thrush

If a woman was ill with thrush, there is a high likelihood that her sexual partner has the same infection. Therefore, treatment must both.

Because the infection can spread to the bowel (and Vice versa, from the intestine into the vagina), first and foremost recommended to eliminate from the diet all influence food and medicine: yeast cakes, oral contraceptives, corticosteroid hormones, cytotoxic (antineoplastic) drugs.

To restore the intestinal microflora using preparations containing lactulose: "Duphalac", "Laktusan", "Kindinorm", etc.

The second step on the road to recovery should be hygiene. Often the bacteria entered from the anus improper cleaning of the genitals. Women should wash at least 2 times a day, guiding his hand from the pubis to the perineum, and not Vice versa.

All underwear and bed linen should be washed with salt, boiled and ironed with a steam iron effect. Effectively, the adoption of sedentary baths with a decoction of chamomile, calendula or a weak solution of potassium permanganate: 2-3 treatments a day for 5-15 minutes during the week.

After the bath, wipe your crotch clean towel or baby diaper. Wear cotton panties with wide breathable lining.

Of the external funds used antifungal creams (Clotrimazole", "Miconazole", "Fenticonazole", etc.) and candles (for women). Since the normal microflora of the vagina has an acidic environment, traditional medicine recommends to use overnight tampons soaked in processed milk. But this option can be considered as a fixing treatment in the acute stage of the disease is not recommended.