Diseases and medicines

To provoke the development of thrush can a number of diseases. Candidiasis often starts in women, faced with constipation, diarrhea, indigestion. Each of these problems contributes to the improvement of the conditions for the growth of fungus. First, the fungus in large quantities appears in the intestine, and then gradually "moved" into the vagina, and begins candidiasis. Often accompanies a yeast infection and diabetes. There is a very high blood sugar levels, which contributes to the rapid development of the fungus and the appearance of candidiasis.

One of the most common causes of thrush is taking antibiotics. The fact that such drugs aimed at the destruction of most bacteria, including useful. In killing microorganisms that "feed" the fungus and because of the violation of the microflora of developing candidiasis. In some cases, to provoke the appearance of thrush may be the use of birth control pills. The problem is the high level of estrogen contained in these preparations. To avoid trouble, it is better not to choose the pill at random, and to consult with the doctor.

It is very important to monitor the quality of personal care products that you use. If the Candida starts to develop after the use of certain tampons, pads, condoms, better to change these funds to others. Do not forget to properly wash, directing a jet from the top down and taking the hand from the anus to the vagina, and Vice versa. For cleaning use special gentle products for delicate places.

Poor diet and negative emotions

Women who face severe stress, suffer from yeast infection more often than girls, leading a calm, measured life. The fact that under strong psychological stress, the body begins producing huge amounts of cortisol. This hormone helps to withstand the difficult test of life and allows the person to remain in shape even it has to spend a huge amount of effort on solving problems. However, cortisol has a side effect: it weakens the immune system. As a result, the body is powerless in the candidiasis.

The development of thrush contributes not only to diabetes, but even excessive sweet tooth. The higher the level of glucose in the blood, the greater the risk of a candidiasis, so it is advisable for women to limit the number of sweets in the daily menu. Lovers of beer are also at risk – this drink contains maltose, accelerating the increase in the number of fungus Candida.