Advice 1: What appears thrush in women

Thrush is one of the most common diseases among women, but her "popularity" doesn't make it any less unpleasant. This disease is characterized by the fact that may manifest in different, even very minor reasons: if you are low immunity, digestive disorders, stress, exacerbation of chronic diseases.
What appears thrush in women

What causes thrush?

Thrush occurs due to the propagation region of the female genitals opportunistic fungi called Candida, therefore, in medicine this disease is called candidiasis. This yeast-like fungus in small amounts is always present among other micro-organisms in a woman's body, as it participates in metabolic processes: it lives not only in the vagina but in the gut, on the skin, in the mouth. But if you change any of the terms, he begins to actively proliferate, become aggressive, irritating mucous membranes, causing itching and other unpleasant manifestations of the disease.

Also thrush can cause some other strains of this fungus that have a pathogenic effect on humans.

It is not known exactly, leading to a surge in reproduction of fungi Candida in a woman's body. There are several factors that often accompany thrush, but it is unclear why some people when one of them is a high likelihood of developing candidiasis, and the disease does not appear.

Doctors explain it by the power of the immune system and peculiarities in hormonal levels.

Causes of thrush

Very often the cause of yeast infection is hormonal changes. Elevated or lowered levels of certain hormones produced in a woman's body that can change the acid-alkaline environment in the vagina and in some cases cause the perfect conditions for reproduction of the fungus Candida. This is why thrush occurs most often during pregnancy, before menstruation, or when hormonal tablets.

Antibiotics too can cause candidiasis since these drugs save people not only from pathogenic bacteria but the good organisms, including lactobacilli living in the vagina and create the right environment. When they become smaller, the fungi begin to multiply, which causes the onset of disease.

Thrush may accompany sexually transmitted diseases: mycoplasmosis, chlamydiosis, trichomoniasis, which can also impact the vaginal flora. To violate the terms on mucous genitals might surgical intervention, mechanical or chemical trauma, infection (not necessarily gynaecological) disease. Often thrush appears diabetes and metabolic disorders.

The causes of yeast infection referred to as wearing tight synthetic clothes, use of panty liners, excessive consumption of sugar and improper diet.

In fact, these factors can not be called the exact reasons for the appearance of thrush, as they are not always and not all cause disease. But often it is these phenomena lead to the development of candidiasis.

Advice 2: Why do I get thrush

Thrush is not rosy rural woman with a fuller bust and curvaceous. Unfortunately, women are known word with a less pleasant side. If the disease torments you, appearing again and again, you should think about the reasons contributing to this. Thrush can be prevented, you just have to know how.
Why do I get thrush

Disturbance of the natural environment of the female genital organs may be the cause of such unpleasant diseases such as candidiasis or thrush. Sexually transmitted it is not, however, the causes of this disease can be very diverse and touch genitals including. So what causes yeast infection?

In the first place among the causes of thrush is a weakened immune system. Here you can play the role of a recent illness, surgery or injury, diseases of the endocrine system is permanent or sluggish the disease, weaken the immune system. Not to be at risk, you need to constantly care about maintaining their health and give the body a chance to protect themselves from adverse environmental factors.

Weaken the immune system of the disease of metabolism and continuous administration of hormonal contraceptive drugs. Contrary to the assertions of some doctors and manufacturers, oral contraceptives can cause significant weakening of the immune system and cause an imbalance of the vaginal flora. You are trying to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies and instead acquire yeast infection in the acute form. Unfortunately, such picture is not so rare. You have a sweet tooth and eat it in large quantities? Then you it is good to know that it is also one of the causes of vaginal yeast infection. This is especially true of women suffering from this disease in the chronic form.

The constant controversy surrounding lingerie is often reduced to the question about thrush. Thongs and pretty panties made of synthetic fabrics are accused that they are the cause of this disease. However, here we need to introduce some clarity. Themselves thongs do not cause thrush, a myth also associated only with the fact that some women wearing such underwear causes discomfort, causing dryness and irritation. Thongs do not suit all women and yeast infection can provoke only those who they feel uncomfortable. If you are experiencing any discomfort, there is nothing to fear. Also, at risk are lovers of slim skirts and skin-tight light trousers in cold weather. Any clothing and underwear made from synthetic materials promotes the supercooling of the pelvic organs that can also lead to the development of the disease.

Do not think that this disease only affects those who are not able to keep clean or is promiscuous. Often stress, hormonal changes during pregnancy or menstruation can trigger the development of candidiasis in the most unexpected moment. To guard against thrush, you need to take care of their own health and support the immune system at a high level.

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