Stay with the dog in their native plains.

Many dogs have a high mobility and love outdoor activities. Animals need the freedom, the opportunity to go crazy in the company of their own kind or an opportunity to play with the owner. So many dog owners prefer to enjoy them close to home.

A great option for recreation will be country cottages, holiday homes, camp sites. The only feature: you have to make sure that there is allowed to be dogs. Sometimes a guest on four legs will have to pay extra or a Deposit for the property.

Places to stay close to his native city well affect the health and mood of the dog. Advantage is also the short way and lack of acclimatization. Great if next to the selected place will be the pond and the woods/forest.

Relax with the dog and the Black or Azov sea. Hotels in the coastal cities rarely accept guests with Pets, so the housing will be easier to rent directly from the owners. Better suited to a separate house or an apartment where there are neighbors. Choose a convenient and inexpensive option can be as special sites for booking and thematic/rock forums.

Walking with a dog on a public beach is not worth it. For walking, choose wild palojoensuu where the animal does not disturb the rest and can run swim.

Traveling with a dog overseas

Overseas trip with a dog promises a lot of pleasant moments. In European countries really love animals, so stay with your furry friend to organize a snap. However, please note that you will have to do it yourself, without recourse to the travel Agency.

One of the best places to vacation with a dog in Europe is Italy. On the mainland and on the Islands you will meet a lot of foreigners vacationing with their Pets. The owners walk with the animals along the river, evening the streets, sitting in cafes and even go on trips. You without problems miss with a dog in a clothing store in Rome, and to the pharmacy in Sicily. A huge number of hotels in Italy accept guests with Pets without any additional fees. As needed you can also enjoy walking, grooming or veterinary care.

Both summer and winter you and your pet will be happy to meet in Finland. Numerous resorts, cottages and hotels provide a comfortable stay and desired amenities for your stay. You will need a little: keep silence, order and cleanliness on the streets. This files most often for recreation with dogs in Finland, the owners choose private cottages located on the shores of the lakes.

Relax with your dog in North America. Especially popular in this area are the USA. In many cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, etc.) there are even special beaches just for dogs and their owners. There is going to a huge number of animals, so your pet will not be bored. To rent an apartment, house or hotel room with a dog without any problems. The only feature: long flights and mandatory quarantine.