If you decide to relax and spend some time in the capital, find a cheap place to stay, of course, if you have no relatives or friends with whom to stay. A cheap stay in one of the hostels. Some of them are in the city center. The cost of paying for accommodation often includes Breakfast. But to cook you can eat in the kitchen, which allowed to use the guests.
Before the trip, take care where you eat. In the Internet you can find information about which restaurants or cafes the lowest prices, where set meals or buffet. Of course, is to seek third-party reviews, not advertorials.
Absolutely for free you can visit the places usually visited by guests of the capital, for example, Red square, Poklonnaya hill, Pushkin square, ENEA, Arbat, etc.
If you have planned a trip to the capital in advance, use the sites where you bought the discount coupons. These promotions varied and quite popular. For 50-200 rubles you buy the coupon, and it can get a good discount (at least 50%) to dinner at some restaurant or cafe, for a ticket to the water Park, amusement Park, concert in a club, a massage, exercise at the fitness club, dive under water diving, check the map or participating in the game of paniklova and more.
Relatively inexpensive, especially on weekdays in Moscow it is possible to relax in the many baths. You will receive a good boost health, enjoy socializing with friends, if not come alone and can even request a good massage for relatively little money.
If staying in your understanding is inseparable from the cultural program, you can visit several museums depending on how many days you will be in Moscow. It's cheap entertainment. First, you can visit the official sites of the museums and see the prices and schedule of events. Many of the exhibition admission is free. But if you get into the Moscow's night of museums, and generally can choose almost any institution of this profile. In free promotion annually attended by at least a hundred of the capital's museums, often in between can be arranged convenient transport connections. Secondly, if you are a student, you can use your student ID and receive a discount on entry. And thirdly, if you are able to be attached to any organized group of students, too, will be able to save. By the way, during school holidays many exhibitions in museums can be visited freely.
Visit cinemas or theatres. Looking for information on the websites and you can always find the cheapest options. For example, there are certain days of the week and morning sessions, when tickets are sold cheaper. From time to time held festivals of French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian cinema. In films in this case you can often get for free. In addition, some Moscow theatres do discounts on tickets for a couple of hours before the performance. Also, remember that in the capital are not only famous theatres, which at all on hearing. There are new, experimental, young, to performances where tickets are cheap. Try to attend performances, which are played by the students of acting schools, for example, their graduation speeches. First, you can visit them for free or the fee will be purely symbolic, and, second, the pleasure you will receive no less, because it is - the future actors.
Cheap and very fun, you can relax at the zoo. In addition, if you love nature, visit a Park. For example, in the Park "Izmailovo", where at the environmental education center "the Tsar's apiary", you can see cages with owls and eagle owls. Or in the nature reserve "Sparrow hills" to admire the ancient trees, the ravines, covered with a carpet of grass and wildflowers, valley of the birds. And on our ponds is equipped with points for picnics and a Playground, so you can come with the child.
If you check the prices, and rightly develop your itinerary, a visit to Moscow is not very going to hit you in the pocket, and the pleasure you will receive necessarily.