Pets like in Europe. Dogs can go to many cafes, they quietly pass in public transport, and many hotels are happy to accommodate owners with their Pets. On the hotel's website definitely will contain the information whether the guests the possibility to bring animals, which ones (some hotels allow you to relax in their rooms, only cats and small dogs), as well as the cost of placing a four-legged traveler. Generally, the amount you must pay will not exceed 10 euros, and in some hotels this can be done for free.
The dog can go with you to the coast. Muslim countries are not as sensitive to household Pets, however, adapting to foreign tourists in Turkey and Egypt have begun to appear the hotels will be happy to see you and your dog. When booking rooms be sure to verify with the Manager if you can bring a pet and what territory it will be able to move (probably in a cafe, the beach or the pool it will not be allowed). A lot more places to stay with a pet can be found in Croatia and Greece, on the mainland part and the Islands.
Stay with the pet can be organized on the territory of Russia – some and resorts allow you to do this. If the site does not contain information on your question, call the administration and ask. Many hotels are not allowed to check in with the big dogs, happy to let the guests with tiny dogs – Chihuahuas, Yorkshire or toy Terriers.