The child and the old

Born into a family of coach of the football team "Grandoli" (Rosario) Messi was unlikely to choose a different fate and career, except football. And dreamed, respectively, only about the Pope's command. Or alternatively, about other teams from their home city Rosario. For example, the "Newell's old boys". In English, this command is pretty funny — "the old men of Nulls". At school in the past five-time champion Argentine young Lionel and learned to drive. And that "Nulls before getting a long-awaited invitation from the best Argentinian team river plate" (though about it too, dreamed), in 2000 moved to the club to play where he wishes, probably every player. It is called "Barcelona".

In Russia sometimes argue that happiness could not happen, not proposalsto him bad luck. The story of Messi this sequence of events is consistent. Become first student of the school, and later a famous player of the Catalan team, 13-year-old Argentine boy has helped not only breeding the gift of the Barcelona scout Carles Rexach, but also a serious hormonal disease that prevented growth. Barcelona quickly convinced of the undoubted talent of the young striker agreed to spend money on expensive treatment. In addition, she has been transported from Rosario Messi family, granting citizenship, jobs and housing to all close relatives of the South American Prodigy with the ball.

A ticket to the "Albiceleste"

The patriotism of the Argentine people is appreciated even in a single football. In the Republic, traditionally considered to be a world leader in the consumption of meat, I do not doubt that Messi, even if he grew up in Spanish-Catalan-Barcelona, will choose the team that is Argentina. In the country it is called the "Albiceleste". In Italian it is translated as "blue and white", which corresponds to the colours of country's flag and team shirts.

Messi himself has said: all the talk about a possible appearance in the Spanish national team, especially after a categorical refusal, complete nonsense. He's Argentinian, who loves and protects because on the field the colors of his country.

There is a contract!

A dream not only to score decisive goals, but also to get the biggest salary convinced Messi to negotiate with competitors from England and France. And only strong arguments of the former coach of Barcelona Tito Vilanova helped Lionel make the right decision: to be signed in may 2014 a new contract and get in "Barcelona" 20 million euros per year. But at the same time become the most expensive footballer on the planet, estimated at 138 million euros.

Curious, but winning in Barcelona many titles and prizes, Lionel confided that one football dream not yet realized. Before, they say. And explained that end-of-year professional career, wants to spend not just in Argentina, namely the "old boys". What soccer star the world No. 1 is not disingenuous, says this curious fact. When Lionel was born the son, in addition to the name Thiago Pope presented the kid is not only a t-shirt with the name Messi and his "ten" on the back, but the contract with "the First". As well as a membership card of the club from Rosario.

Dreams not only of Messi

Not less remarkable fact, proving the phenomenal popularity of Messi can be considered a public recognition of the desire to play with him other Prim in world soccer. Once this was said the striker of the Brazilian national team and Santos striker Neymar and Manchester city's Argentinian Sergio Aguero. Both dreams came true in 2014. the Brazilian Neymar was the player of "Barcelona" and his team-mate Messi. And Aguero with Lionel played for the "Albiceleste" at the world Cup in Brazil.