Soccer star

Cristiano Ronaldo is recognized as one of the brightest football stars of today and the most expensive transfer in football history. Stands this unique player for the club "real Madrid" and the Portuguese national team, where he became the top scorer in the entire history of the team.

Cristiano is recognised as a versatile and skillful player that can do everything, and his kick is equally confident and consistently accurate with both feet. However, he often heads it also turns out he has excellent.
Ronaldo is not only a successful football player, but a real macho, secular lion and a star of world podiums. He scored some of the most expensive contracts with male models in fashion history.

Also , Ronaldo has a unique technique with unusual path by which well scored penalty goals. On top of his physical training is excellent, he's fast, tough and perfectly bypasses rivals.

Untouchable fighter

During his career Ronaldo was awarded many times at various Championships and awards, and received such prominence and recognition. He was the best at the European Championship in 2004, and later became the champion of the English Premier League and the best young players in the seasons 2006-2007 and 2008-2009. Participated in the Champions League final, where his club - then he played for "Manchester United" has won.

Ronaldo twice received the "Golden Boot". He is recognized as the 2008 UEFA as the best player, he received the prestigious Europe's Golden ball and was the player of the year FIFA, speaks about his achievements on a global level. In January 2014, he again received the "Golden ball" again became the best.


Ronaldo's career developed quickly, and the coaches sincerely believe that the talent of a football player given to him from above. He began his career with Benfica, after walking through a little-known clubs, he was noticed, and after only a year of active games were in Lisbon "sporting". It is there that he saw the famous sir Alex Ferguson, the young striker has impressed game master and his players, whose sporting double-beat. After victorious matches Ferguson insisted on buying Ronaldo, a contract was signed a talented football player with Manchester United.

Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson - was for many years a coach and mentor to the DOJ, this is one of the most respected people in world football who finished his career in 2013.

With "Manchester United" Ronaldo worked quite a long time and successfully - until the summer of 2009, when it was concluded the most expensive in football history contract: Ronaldo moved to real Madrid where he plays to this day.